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Hating A Job


Why do so many people hate their jobs?

I see it even at my own job. Many people walking around miserable and dead.
You can see it in their eyes. Why?

Is it management that is responsible for the prevailing attitude?
Perhaps. They do play a role in how things run and the morale of the group.

Is it the employee? I have seen those few individuals who regardless of what management does they are content with what destiny has given them and they do what they have to do.

So which one is it? Employer or employee who is at fault for the prevailing attitude?

I find in my own experience that the answer could involve Christ.

I know that when I walk with him I am grateful for my job and content to serve my employer well.

When I am not in Christ I hate what I do want no part in serving my employer.

In my opinion the issues lies with me, the employee!

It will always lie with me because I control my world by how I react to it not my employer or any other employee.

No one can press our buttons unless we give them permission to do so.

Anyway, when you focus is on Christ then nothing else really matters or has as much value..enough value to allow it to affect you negativity.

This is not theory but fact. The question really boils down to how long can we stay connected to Christ?

That will determine how long we stay in that positive attitude.

Paul is a good example of how we should be like.
Paul understood our pains at work. He said, “We work wearily with our own hands to earn our living.” 1 Corinthians 4:12a

He went through so much suffering but he was in love with God. He endured his pain and suffering, his work not for himself but for God.

Through all his suffering he maintained a positive attitude. Not because he wanted to think positive but because if his love for God was so intense that the byproduct of his love for Christ was positive thinking.
Let us be like Paul.

Rick Rodriguez


Just One More Hit

*Just One More Hit

At times when I’m down and feeling defeated I look at that needle sitting on my dresser and think…OK, just one small hit. That’s all I need to feel better.

Just a small one is all I need but then I think … no, it’s not worth it. I know what will happen if I take that hit. I will become hooked yet again to the temporary escape from my pain and end up at a place I don’t want to be.

I’ve been there many times. I don’t want to go there again. It’s not worth it. So slowly I put the unused needle down and walk away.

Of course the needle illustration is just symbolism for my particular method I use to escape reality.

We all have a method, maybe several and many go against Gods will.

Which needle do you reach for when you need an escape?

An Affair?
Soft music?
Flirting online?

It’s so easy to reach over and take that hit but for those that use a method that goes against Gods will it’s not worth it. It will ultimately eat you up and destroy you and your love ones.

Sometimes it’s better to deal with a pain, struggle, or a feeling up front instead of trying to temporarily forget about it.

Anyway the temporary escape is just for a little while but the damage from the escape could last a lifetime.

Rick Rodriguez

Wrong Direction 

Sometimes I wonder what the meaning of life is. It seems so meaning less.
I am on the ladder looking up. I see thousands and thousands doing so much better than me, with their fancy cars, their beautiful homes, and their higher standards of life.

O how cursed I am to be on such a low position on this ladder.
Then as I prepare to take a step up the ladder to get what I feel I deserve, I look down to position my foot on the rung to move up. As I look down I am shocked by what I see.

Below me are millions upon millions upon millions of people, men, women and children deep inside the world of suffering, crying out for help that someone with help them in some way, even if it’s just to remember them.
But the people above me continue to climb.
I can’t climb up! I can’t!

My conscience keeps me from being blind to the pain below. I must go down to extend my hand. I must help someone in some way, somehow!

This is total meaningless!
I just can not pretend all I see is to go up.
This is so meaningless!
If all I do is help someone then that will change one life for the better and that would make life full of meaning to them and me.

I’m beginning to feel as if I need to climb down not up. As if this world has twisted it’s values and moral ladder and going down is up and going up is down.
But do I have any evidence for such a claim?

I began to study the energy flows on both ends of the ladder and discovered that below me the energy is of love and light but above me is hated and darkness.
That proves it. God is below me because below me is up.

I have been brainwashed by society to believe in this twisted view that going down was really going up. They made me disoriented and confused!

Now I know the truth. I now choose to climb to truth so I climb downward to the light by the worlds standards. But by his standards I climb up to him.
I move to God and his will not away from God and against his will.
Life does have meaning after all but only through him for anything else is meaningless.

Ricky Rodriguez


The Tool Of Suffering

Suffering can be a tool.
Suffering can be used to bring one closer to God or father away.

Suffering can intensity the connection or intensify the desire to disconnect.

I suffer to glorify God. How? By praising God during my suffering.

If I blame and curse God then I would be praising the one who also blames and curses God.

I will chooses to connect more with him and thank him for the opportunity to connect stronger with him.

No, God does not bring suffering. The dark one does this in hopes that I will abandon God.

I will use his plan against him and praise God.

For with or without pain my plan all along as been to praise and bring glory to God.

Rick Rodriguez

Hate Being Human

I hate being human.
Sometimes it just too hard to control my emotions.

Whatever it is, be it anger, fear, or frustration, sometimes it’s just hard to turn off.

It reminds me of a leak in a pressure line. You have to go looking for the turn off value to shut it off. Then when you turn the valve naturally it’s going to be hard to shut off.

I can be a great Christian then something will happen and my emotions will get the best of me. Why? Because I was not tuned into God in that moment so my emotions took over.

I know what I am suppose to do but I too at times fail. I hate failing but that is part of being human. It’s something I do not like but it’s a learning process. It is what it is.

Rick Rodriguez

When I Am In Christ

When I am in Christ I want to work hard for my employer.
What can I do for them? How can I get the best performance out of me to serve them well?

When I am into myself I could care less about my employer.
What can they do for me? How can they get the best performance out of me to serve them well?

Rick Rodriguez

I’m Very Spiritual?

People think I’m very spiritual and really connected to God.

Don’t be fooled by appearances. I am but a man struggling to connect and stay connected.

The only thing I got going for me is that I realize I am nothing, totally lost, totally worthless without him.

Most don’t see this because they are so much into their ego.
Don’t get me wrong, I am too but not so much that it blinds me from knowing that I do not know what really needs to be known to really know him.

Only through him regardless of my limited knowledge in him do I still know him enough to desire to want to know more of him.”

Rick Rodriguez