Dangers Of Sexual Energy 

Sexual energy is like a dangerous flammable gas for men.
It has to be vented from our system on a regular basis to neutralize the danger.

The worst thing that can be done is to store up that energy to dangerous levels.
At those dangerous levels if ignited has a dangerous potential of flaming into an uncontrollable flame that could explode into a massive fireball burning all around causing what could be unrepairable damage and destruction.

Sexual energy is not suppose to be stored. It should be managed by a wife who is willing to take the issue seriously because of the dangers involved.

Sadly these days it’s not the wife that controls the venting or lack of venting. It’s our very busy society keeping us tired and too busy to vent.
So the energy builds with no time or motivation to vent.

This is a very dangerous situation for us men.
This is the main cause of explosions we see today.
Our busy lifestyle can destroy us, our marriage, our lives if we are not careful.

Rick Rodriguez


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