The Purpose Of Death

Read a verse the other day and it gave me some deep thoughts about the process and meaning of death. Everyone should be asleep so now I can post…lol.

“The Purpose of Death”

*Death is the greatest judgment and the greatest tool of justice for it puts us all on equal ground.

In that moment the rich, the poor, the godly and ungodly will see truth. We will all become equalized and exposed for who we really were in that truth.

In that moment there will no longer be nothing to hide behind, no lawyer, no ego, no respect, no wealth, no power, no self righteousness, no friends, no parents, no degree, no career, no intellect, no charity, no identity …no excuses!

Yes, in that moment we will be exposed for who we truly were by his truth.

For we will come to him with nothing we own, not even with our flesh or bones but only by what he owns, our spirit.

And we will be accountable for the actions of what we did or did not do with the knowledge of him and supernatural connection we had with him and how we used or did not use it to fulfill his glory.

We will discover our true reflectivity of his holy luminosity in a world that fought hard to keep it hidden for none to see.

Did we feed light or darkness in our limited time to help others see to be free or did we help them maintain their blindness so that they could not see and therefore be in bondage existing without him?

That will be the final question. What will be the final answer?

Rick Rodriguez

Isaiah 5:14-15
The grave is licking its lips in anticipation,
opening its mouth wide.
The great and the lowly
and all the drunken mob will be swallowed up.
Humanity will be destroyed, and people brought down;
even the arrogant will lower their eyes in humiliation.


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