Wrong Direction 

Sometimes I wonder what the meaning of life is. It seems so meaning less.
I am on the ladder looking up. I see thousands and thousands doing so much better than me, with their fancy cars, their beautiful homes, and their higher standards of life.

O how cursed I am to be on such a low position on this ladder.
Then as I prepare to take a step up the ladder to get what I feel I deserve, I look down to position my foot on the rung to move up. As I look down I am shocked by what I see.

Below me are millions upon millions upon millions of people, men, women and children deep inside the world of suffering, crying out for help that someone with help them in some way, even if it’s just to remember them.
But the people above me continue to climb.
I can’t climb up! I can’t!

My conscience keeps me from being blind to the pain below. I must go down to extend my hand. I must help someone in some way, somehow!

This is total meaningless!
I just can not pretend all I see is to go up.
This is so meaningless!
If all I do is help someone then that will change one life for the better and that would make life full of meaning to them and me.

I’m beginning to feel as if I need to climb down not up. As if this world has twisted it’s values and moral ladder and going down is up and going up is down.
But do I have any evidence for such a claim?

I began to study the energy flows on both ends of the ladder and discovered that below me the energy is of love and light but above me is hated and darkness.
That proves it. God is below me because below me is up.

I have been brainwashed by society to believe in this twisted view that going down was really going up. They made me disoriented and confused!

Now I know the truth. I now choose to climb to truth so I climb downward to the light by the worlds standards. But by his standards I climb up to him.
I move to God and his will not away from God and against his will.
Life does have meaning after all but only through him for anything else is meaningless.

Ricky Rodriguez



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