Just One More Hit

*Just One More Hit

At times when I’m down and feeling defeated I look at that needle sitting on my dresser and think…OK, just one small hit. That’s all I need to feel better.

Just a small one is all I need but then I think … no, it’s not worth it. I know what will happen if I take that hit. I will become hooked yet again to the temporary escape from my pain and end up at a place I don’t want to be.

I’ve been there many times. I don’t want to go there again. It’s not worth it. So slowly I put the unused needle down and walk away.

Of course the needle illustration is just symbolism for my particular method I use to escape reality.

We all have a method, maybe several and many go against Gods will.

Which needle do you reach for when you need an escape?

An Affair?
Soft music?
Flirting online?

It’s so easy to reach over and take that hit but for those that use a method that goes against Gods will it’s not worth it. It will ultimately eat you up and destroy you and your love ones.

Sometimes it’s better to deal with a pain, struggle, or a feeling up front instead of trying to temporarily forget about it.

Anyway the temporary escape is just for a little while but the damage from the escape could last a lifetime.

Rick Rodriguez


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