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Does Sin Still Fit?

I have discovered that sin is like an old shirt. You always used to put it on because you loved it. It fit good and you loved the way it looked. It just made you look cool.

Then you start to work out and get in shape for a while loosing some of that unwanted fat. One day you try out that shirt and it’s not the same. It does not give you the same pleasure any more.
Now it fits too loose and the colors have faded. Think I’ll wear my new Christian shirt now!

The other day in a weak moment I allowed my mind to think ungodly thoughts to feed me pleasure. To my surprise there was no longer any pleasure in those thoughts. As much as I tried, the affect I was seeking was not there.

It was because I had been reading the bible every day and talking, being one on one with God a lot lately. I had been doing some serious spiritual work outs. I had effectively programmed my mind to stay focused on God. For the first time I tried to change web sites in my mind from good to sinful but my mental computer refused to change. It blocked out the sinful mental site in my mind. Now I had a filter of Christ working within me.

Next, I did what I needed to do. I praised him for helping me keep my mind connected to him and put on some worship music and kept my mind trained on him.
See, if we allow God to flow into us, it changes us to make us more pure. We don’t necessary have to be trying to be pure but purity is a byproduct of walking close to Christ.

Now if I can just continue my closeness with him and not mess it all up and have to start all over. If I can continue to stay on track with Christ, oh how my mind will be so pure and begin to reflect his holy light in ways I could never have imagined.

Rick Rodriguez


Separation Because Of The Light

I find that The closer I get to the light the more distant I get from darkness.

This is a normal process but what bothers me is that I also begin to separate from people and the world hiding in the shadows of darkness.

I find that the closer I get to the light the less I can relate to those in the dark.

So do I think I’m better than they are?

Of course not! I feel at times that they are better than me. They relate to each other like a close family group. I feel like the odd ball. I feel out of place because I am.

Actually to be with Christ you have to be the odd ball. To be with Christ you have to be out of step with society. If it’s all about you, If being hip and cool is important to you then don’t come to Christ for he rejects all egos.

I feel bad about feeling that I can not relate to them who walk in the dark. That’s not what I am here for.

We are to go into the world and show the light in the middle of darkness. We are to go into those lost and tell them about truth.

How can we get closer to those that walk in darkness and show them the reflection of his light when we can not relate to them or worse, they can not relate to us?

Then God spoke to my heart. He said, “Trying to relate to the lost is not an issue because you need to relate to only me and no one else.”

“Don’t feel out of place because your representing me.”

“The ones who are not into me are the odd balls out there. They are the ones who should be worrying that they cannot relate to me.”

“Shine my light and only relate to my word and let those who wish to follow come and also relate to me.”

“Those that choose not to relate with me, let them relate with each other for they will keep each other company to the time of their destruction.”

“It is not my wish the they perish, it is their wish and so they are comfortable with darkness, the total absence of me. They relate to the ones who hide in the dark not to me.”

“Go, seek to pull them out of the dark as best you can but don’t relate to them.”

“For the only way to relate to them is to be one of them in darkness and because your in the light, this will never be an option.”

Rick Rodriguez


Something about being in nature brings one closer to God. It’s as if you become part of the artist masterpiece, as if you have stepped into his canvas and experience his creation as it was intended to be, part of us encircling our world.

For Gods life energy flows through all these living things that surround us when we are in nature.

It’s a feeling that will never be found in the concrete structures of man false lands of utopia.

For God can be found in all things but it’s something about nature that magnifies his glory. It’s as if nature is a doorway to who he is. He is God the creator, the caretaker of such beauty and the artist who’s paintbrush strokes brings it all to life!

Rick Rodriguez

Satan’s Tool : Wedge

Satan’s plan to defeat us is an old one. He uses a technique called “Divide an Conquer.”

He knows together we are strong but by ourselves we quickly fall because individually we are weak.

So how does he do this? He uses a specialized, custom tool created just for each individual.

It is a supernatural demonic wedge that he drives between love ones to try and separate them.

The separation is not so much in a physical sense even though distance separation is to his advantage. It is more of a mental separation of the minds.

He needs to get minds to focus not on what each one has in common but what is different between each one.

He try’s to separate us by opinions, causes, beliefs, and the biggest, by ego.

He working to separate family by using friends and friends by using family.

He working to separate a husband and a wife, brother against brother and sister against sister.

He’s working to separate cousin against cousin, uncle against uncle and aunt against aunt.

He’s working in larger scales getting groups of people to separate themselves by color, culture, religion, politics, region, country and past experiences.

We must join together and deny him what he seeks.

We must focus on Christ and his love first and NOT use Christ as just another tool for further separation.

Only by his love for him can we know his love for us, then by knowing his love can we love ourselves and others.

Then we will begin to see what we have in common and what is the most common denominator between us which is to be loved and to love like the one who loves us.

This fact alone if taken deep into our psyche stops Satan instantly in his tracks. It pushes away his wedge tool for his efforts become worthless against the love of Christ.

Let us not play his game of separation by feeding separation.

Let us feed the love of Christ which is unity by his love because only by love will this unity ever be possible.

Rick Rodriguez

His Protection From Me

Thank you Lord for protecting me from myself and from those demonic forces that try to team up with me to also go against myself.

I would have already lost the war if it were not for you who by your Holy Spirit within goes to battle for my spiritual side against my flesh.

So I go to battle not in my own strength but in his strength for this is the only way I can ever win the fight against myself.

Alone I am doomed but through him I am victorious!

Rick Rodriguez

Message Of The Cross 

Message Of The Cross
(Understanding it’s message)

1 Corinthians 1:18 (NOG): The message about the cross is nonsense to those who are being destroyed, but IT(the cross) IS God’s power to us who are being saved. [The cross being referred to is not the wooden pole but the one who died on the wooden pole- Jesus!]
This verse is so true.

Those that don’t want to get it never will while those that seek to get it will.
Many think, “To many those Christian folks are weak minded, non tolerate, judgmental, brain washed fools.”
(This is funny because I once thought this exact thing)

And so for them it will be for only they choose to see the humanistic flawed side of Christianity, not the spiritual side where God can be found supernaturally touching the lives of those that seek him.

He gives them sight and in doing so the cross begins to have meaning beyond understanding with the human mind.

For only the cross can be seen and understood only by those who have their hearts tuned to the true frequency of God!

There is so much more to Christianity than just the humanistic surface. There is the supernatural ocean below of who really God is but if your blind to see only the surface then you will never see the Glory of its power below.

Choose to open your eyes to this thing you find so silly and ignorant. Force your eyes open!

When you begin to see his truth you will be forever changed for you will understand the message of the cross.

It will be a divine gift to you from God for without him you could never understand the cross.

For the cross is not complete understanding but the beginning of understanding. It is the key by which one opens the door to God to begin the journey with him.

It’s a process of light entering the eye when the eye lids have made the choice to open.

Only when the light enters the eye can the mind begin the process of interpreting the data and learning from what the light reveals.

The message of the cross is found in his light because the message of the cross IS his light, his truth, his way, the way, the only way.

May we all keep our eyes open so that we can continue to process the message of the cross.

Rick Rodriguez

1 Corinthians 2:13-14

13When we tell you these things, we do not use words that come from human wisdom. Instead, we speak words given to us by the Spirit, using the Spirit’s words to explain spiritual truths. 14 But people who aren’t spiritual can’t receive these truths from God’s Spirit. It all sounds foolish to them and they can’t understand it, for only those who are spiritual can understand what the Spirit means.

Controlling The Wheel

*It’s hard to drive straight. You have to keep making constant adjustments to the wheel to stay the course.

I get tired of making so many adjustments but I know if I don’t then I will go off the holy road into the ditch of sin.

Sometimes I wish my car would self drive to its destination but I know because of free will given to me I must always control the wheel.

By doing so it makes me a better driver. As long as I don’t fall asleep at the wheel or lose focus on him. As long as I don’t take my eyes off his path for me, I know I will make it to my destination!

Rick Rodriguez