Who Influences Who?

When a young person brought up in Christ begins to work or go to school in the secular world and begins to hang around people who like to drink and party, is there a chance that that young person will be influence by that secular crowd?

I think it all depends on how strong they were in Christ or if it was just a show they put on when they went to church.

It all depends on if they really knew who Christ was.

In the case where a young person was very strong in Christ it would be the secular world that would be changing because of this young person.
But unfortunately for the majority of the cases it is the young people in Christ that become influence by the secular world because the secular world is more powerful than their Christian influence.

How can this be?

If they grew up in church and were active, singing and dancing for the lord, how could this be that they now have no Christian influence to output but now input influence from the world around around them?

It happens over time. They slowly slip away from the connection with Christ and now connect to the world.

Sometimes being in Christ is not the cool thing to do when ego (the love of self image) plays a big role in a young persons self esteem. In their ignorance self image becomes more valuable than the image Christ has of them and has given to them.

Before I point too much on their immature errors that they make I have to point out that we all are guilty of making the same error ourselves?

We Christians go into this world to shine his light but become so dirty by association with the world that we begin to smell like the sewer that they play in.

God no longer can tell the difference between us and them because we smell just like them.

If we do not wash ourselves in constant living water we will not be indistinguishable from them and will not be separated from the weeds but be among the weeds when the farmer begins to burn the fields to separate the weeds from the crop.

So why do many of us allow this world to influence us in such a way as to change us from within to take away the light we once carried for him?

I don’t like the answer but the most likely conclusion is that those that are influence from the outside do so because of the lack of influence from the inside. The world just fills up space that can be filled.

What I’m trying to say is we really never knew him to begin with because if we did then that space would already be occupied by him and so the world could not occupy it.

When you are deeply in love, nothing can fill that space. So we must have grown out of or never really loved Christ to such an extent that it filled us up to the point that the world could not because there was no room to be filled by the world.

This is truth. Like it or not your influence or lack of influence is the gauge by which you measure your love for him.

This shakes me to the core because this message that in the beginning was to point a finger at those young people who have turned away from a Christian upbringing but now I’m pointing the finger at me. Why, because I am also at times guilty of doing the exact thing this these young people do.

See, by writing my feelings down I learn so much about my own flaws.
I was blind but by his wisdom that flows within me now I see.

Rick Rodriguez

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