Darkness Is Advancing?

*Don’t fall for the illusion that darkness is advancing. Look behind darkness and you will see its retreating from the light.

Unfortunately darkness is flowing through our world on its way out. The core of darkness has not yet passed. Darkness is like a tornado passing by in that it leaves a path of destruction and death.

As it retreats it try’s to take out everything as a rebellious action against the light for being forced to retreat to save its own existence.

But the light comes to claim its space and it’s time for its takes it all because it created all.

There is no place for darkness to hide. It is doomed when it came to be.

For who can reject God and exist when the light takes over for the light comes to claim even the energy that makes up darkness back to its place of nothingness before it existed.

It is the washing away of all things impure to make all things pure setting the stage for the return of the one who is infinitely pure!

Rick Rodriguez

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