The other day I heard Dr. Robert Jeffress say that the light is more visible when the background becomes darker.

What a powerful statement. These are great times to actually be in because there will be more people then ever before come to God.

I think God knows this, well I’m sure he knows this and he will use it to his advantage. Darkness thinks it has the upper hand but as it gets darker the light of God via his children who reflect his light get brighter.

It is darkness itself that is causing the light to become brighter by merely trying itself to become darker.

In it’s haste to bring about its existence it also brings about Gods message.

Darkness is doomed for it exposes itself as false truth the more it moves forward.

The only chance it has is that the human race tends to close their eyes to truth even if it’s as bright as the sun in their face. What can you do if someone wishes to remain blind to truth and not see the light?

It’s only harm will be with those too ignorant to see what was right in front of them.

Darkness is doomed from the start but it’s goal is not to exist forever, just to exist long enough to to take out as many as it can of those that are blind before its time expires.

So our dark times become darker but the light from God becomes brighter. Until in the middle of the blackest night millions of points of bright light beam out like spotlights pointing toward heaven.

Then that day will come when the light will gather it’s points of lights below and bring them to his presence, into his light. Then his light will again beam down to earth but this time with such intensity that all things not meant for the light in a flash with be vaporized into non existence for his light is the purest form of energy.

The night sky that was once full of black darkness will be filled with an explosion of supernova light, his light!

And so will begin the next chapter of our relationship with our one and only true holy God!!

Rick Rodriguez


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