Christ Identity

It’s sad to see young kids grow up to be teenagers.

That young person who remembered bible verses and loved Christian music is replaced by one that remembers lyrics to secular music that had replaced their Christian music.

They become uncomfortable with their Christ identity so they begin to seek another one in the secular world. Why? Because they want to to be accepted not rejected.

They learn at a young age how those in Christ are rejected by society. These young people become distant from the faith because they begin to believe what their friends tell them about their faith. Who wants to see seen as weird?

Then society with all its movies and TV shows, begins to brainwash them to start to question truth in Christianity. They look for an alternative truth and finally accept a different way of thinking and behaving so they become a secular teen.

This is so common that I’m beginning to believe that it’s a natural process of development in finding your identity as a youth.It even happened to me.

Is there any teen who is still in Christ because they already know their true identity in Christ so they have no need to seek it elsewhere?
If they exist then they are truly amazing young men and women of Christ.

So even if this process of self seeking identity in the youth may be a normal process the process itself is a very dangerous one.

Since they deny the identity Christ gives them, they begin to search for an identity that they can falsely identify with.

Their rejection of his identity for them creates a vacuum that they now seek to fill.

Many times they fill it with a false identity that could cause them tremendous pain and even death.

They can even be so inner twined into their false identity that it might take many years to almost lifetime to come out of if they ever do come out of it.

I can’t pick on teens because even as an adult many of us are still trying to find our own identity.

We get that tattoo, pierce yet another part of our body, dye our hair a different color again, buy another watch, get another car, buy some more cool shoes and clothes, take yet another photo cropped selfie, we do all these things to identify with a false identity we have created of ourselves in our mind.

We are all guilty of this, all of us to some degree. We forgot the identity Christ has given us.

We struggle to be someone when we already are someone to Christ.
We focus too much on ourselves, finding our identity which has never been lost.

We should be focused on others that they may find their own true identity in Christ instead of ourselves.

Rick Rodriguez

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