The Goal Of Darkness

*Thinking today on the reasoning as to why darkness took a chance to go against light when it had a zero percent chance to win against God.

Darkness is not only evil but ignorant?

I know even in my world outside of the supernatural realm, that God is supreme and nothing, nothing can ever change that. Should not the dark one also know this since he is part of the supernatural world and sees more of Gods power than I do?

Then it occurred to me, the dark one has no intention of winning the rebellion against God.

The dark one knows it has already lost. The goal for it is not so much preserving it’s existence but to destroy as many of mankind as it can.
The dark one hates man and hates mans position as above him in status. The dark one sees Gods intense love for man and it causes intense jealousy and even more desire to take out mankind.

The dark one knows the rules by which God himself set for the free will of man. The dark one uses this loop hole as a tool to get back at God. It is the only loop hole and so they use it as much as they can.

They don’t want any of mankind to be saved by the grace of God. They want us all to take part of their own demise.

On that day of destruction as they are about to be eliminated their hope is to have billions of Gods children in the pits of destruction with them to give God the final hit of defiance.

God wants all his children saved so he works through us to go against the dark one to save his children before that day comes. He is depending on us.

Let us not let him down.

Rick Rodriguez

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