Tranquility In Christ


There is a tranquility found in Christ. It is a peace, a true peace that comes into the life of a believer.

The peace may not necessarily manifest itself in the outer physical realm but in the inner realm of the mind where it begins to grow and spread.

We all know that the human nature is chaotic. Humans run around going in different speeds, going in different directions and going around and over others to get to nowhere in particular.

They are in a state of chaos. For example, you see it all the time on the highways. You can tell who is in a chaotic state of mind by how they drive vs who has tranquility with Christ.

Those in his peace drive peaceful, within limits, always signal, and are considerate of others yielding to allow drivers get into position as a sign of goodwill.

The same can be said of life in general. You can tell who in their life is living in a chaotic state vs a tranquility with Christ state of mind.

Now we as Christians sometime fail in this. What can I say, We are still human. We allow ourselves for whatever reason to sometimes become chaotic in the way we think, we act, or what we say. When we are like this it’s always because we have lost a connection with Christ and are going back to our default settings.

We must fight to stay connected to Christ so we can have that tranquility in Christ.
For tranquility is the byproduct of being in love with Christ, with keeping connected to him and his word no matter what goes on in our outer world.

Let us find peace in the only place that offers true inner peace. Not zen, not Buddha, not meditation but and in only one way….Christ!

Rick Rodriguez


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