Dark Energy

*There is a dark demonic energy that is flowing through our world. It feeds off hatred, misunderstanding and division.

It feeds off emotions for man that are put above the emotions for God.

It feeds off a trust in man and his justice instead of a trust in God and his justice.

It feeds off debate, anger, blindness and ego so it grows and grows and gets darker and darker.

But I still praise his name and still sing in worship for his glory.

For the world becomes darker but his light becomes brighter, because the darker the background the more the light stands out.

Have faith and stay strong in him not with the world.

For those who put their faith and strength in only this world crumble with this dying world for they have no love of him in their heart but only for this world.

But for his children, even to the door of death still love him and love others as he loves to the end of the worlds time and the beginning of his time.

Rick Rodriguez

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