Demonic Hatred

*What is demonic hatred?

It is an intense hatred by one person or group toward another person or group. The biggest sign of their hatred is when they rejoice at a death or deaths of the person or group they hate the most.

You have to really be into darkness to have a heart that allows such hatred.

I have seen it when we have had mass casualty events here in America like what happened on September eleventh when the terrorist groups attacked us. Many people in foreign lands rejoiced and danced in the streets at the news of the attacks that killed thousands of Americans.

I have seen it when innocent people die, when their lives are taken away for no justifiable reason.

I saw it last night when several Dallas police officers in my area got killed by a shooter possessed by this demonic hatred.

Last night as a reporter on TV was talking to witnesses, some teens behind the reporter were laughing and having a good time. A few on social media also expressed joy for such a demonic act.

It greatly saddens my heart to see someone so deep in this demonic hatred that they take joy in death instead of sadness. What is worse is that their hatred response is justifiable in their minds.

They are blinded by darkness and they don’t even know it.

My heart cry’s for those that have such a dark demonic heart for it knows nothing of God and so is separated from God. They are not Gods children but children of the dark polluted sick world and its ruler, master of death, destruction and hatred. They have no future. They are already dead to God.

Rick Rodriguez


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