Holy Flower

I have discovered that the Holy Spirit is like a beautiful flower that grows, blooms and gives off a heavenly aroma. It changes your complete attitude and behavior. It’s beauty connects you with God, the one who created and who is the heavenly flower of holiness.

The key to experiencing this spiritual flower in your life is that you must give it time to grow into a flower. This seems to be the issue for many Christians. They don’t give it time to grow.

For example, They get into his word, pray, and think about him for about a day so the flower begins to sprout from the ground. Then the next day they sexually fantasize about someone, or show anger at a car for cutting them off and so on then…cut…they have completely cut the sprouting plant before it has had enough time to grow a beautiful spiritual flower.

So they try again and so a holy sprout begins to grow again. Then they yank it out of the ground again by committing a serious sin.

How are they suppose to experience the holy beauty and blessing of the spiritual flower, the Holy Spirit within if they don’t give it time to grow within them?

I was once in this endless cycle of cutting the flower before it bloomed but now I am really trying to watch my actions and stay away from anything that can cause me to cut this spiritual flower down.

Now the plant within is producing a flower and I am feeling stronger and more connected to God than I have felt in a long time. I am going to do my best to stay the course because the longer I stick with the Holy Spirit the more I am connected to God for he is God, and the more he blesses me with his wisdom and the more he opens my eyes to his truth.

Rick Rodriguez


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