Riding The Wave

Riding the wave, the crescent, the high point with Christ!

Today I did something very dumb. I started becoming sad for the anticipated crash that is coming soon.

See I have been very connected to Christ lately. I have been on a high with Him. To me it’s like surfing and you caught that great wave.

Your hanging high enjoying the moment but because of our human nature we know the wave will not last and soon we will be back in the water with a big crash.

No one can stay on that wave forever. Its our human nature that will always bring us down. I know that the more I try to stay on that wave the more I am training myself to actually stay on the wave. I know I must do everything in my power to stay on top and ride the wave.

Its wrong to think of the future and the wave crashing down with me in it. Its wrong to expect failure because that opens the door to actually fail.
I will not give myself permission to fail. I will ride that wave and not look back.

Many experienced people have actually rode that wave until the wave has run its course so I know it can be done. Yes, our human nature makes us fail but our Holy Spirit within makes us succeed. So which has more power? Then in theory..we really know beyond a shadow of doubt.. if the Holy spirit has more power than we need never fail.

Yes, I will ride this wave and enjoy the ride!
I will hang ten on this gnaratious wave dude!!

Rick Rodriguez


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