Twisted Thinking 

Some minds are twisted in the way they process ideas.

Some things people do totally flip me out of my mind.

For example it would flip me out to hear someone say they are for the “All Lives Matter” movement but yet they are for abortion, are part of a party that is for abortion or votes for presidential candidates that support abortion. Say what??

Then there are those that kill because innocent people were killed. They are showing their outrage in that killing by killing innocent people to protest the killing of innocent people which is really twisted sick thinking.

For example, the killer here in Dallas the other day killed innocent lives to protest the killing of what he saw as innocent lives in his mind of his fellow African American people. Where they innocent? The verdict is not out yet on those cases but yes innocent people of all races do get killed daily all over this world. its Unfortunately its a by product of living in this this fallen chaotic world of sin.

Its the same twisted thinking as those Christian extremist in the past who were so upset of innocent babies dying every day by abortions so they set up bombs to blow up those abortion clinics and kill abortion doctors.

This is twisted thinking to the extreme. This is demonic and never of God!

Rick Rodriguez

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