Beauty Within

*The beauty of a woman can take a man’s breath away like looking at the stars twinkle on a beautiful night sky. It’s that special magical ingredient that God has placed within them that makes them so unique and special. It’s the hair, the eyes, the face, the personality, and other factors that make each one so unique.

I’m not talking about looking at a women in a sexual way even if that is the way that most men look at them. That’s easy but so disrespectful to women and to God for God made them to be so much more than that. He made them so much more than to be an object of sin in man’s mind.

I work with a lot of women in my field and I find them so fascinating in an innocent way. I look at them as if looking through the eyes of God. You look at their uniqueness and begin to appreciate God for his works of creation.

I would be lying if I did not admit there is some attraction in some cases but it need not be a bad thing for God created that feeling of connection, compassion and friendship not just between a man and a women but between all of us.

Again I’m not talking sexual. That’s a whole different subject for another day. I’m talking about friendship.

I love people. Wish I could sit and talk to many and get to know them in the process. There are so many who are very special people.

Unfortunately, most people I will never know because many people hide behind a mask and never take the time to talk to any one they do not know like me. I am guilty of the same actions. But when I drop my guard down and someone else does to and a connection is made, that connection becomes magical. Two worlds light years apart begin to communicate with each other.

This becomes the way our hearts grow compassion for our fellow humans.
Friendship is a Godly thing indeed.

We need to open up to each other so that we can learn from each other about the love we should be feeling and expressing for our fellow humans.

Next time don’t just look at that person you see every day at work as ordinary, look at them as a work or art…because they are in Gods eyes.
For all that they are, their looks, their color, their characteristics are the paint brush strokes of our Great artist…God!

Rick Rodriguez


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