It’s so hard to stay connected to God when there are so many distractions in my world.

What makes it worse is that I am the main problem with these distractions.

I am the one in charge of the door as to what I allow in my world to distract me and I have been failing.

I am allowing distractions to come in by what I think about, what I see, or what I chose to spend most of my time on. If it takes me away from God and not pulls me to him than they are distractions to my connection with him.

It’s like trying to get rid of flies in the home so as to not get distracted by them but yet you have the front door and the back door fully opened.

I am not managing my doors correctly. I need to shut out distractions from the simplest things like spending too much time online to the more difficult things like what negative things I am thinking about causing emotions like depression, anger, or sexual excitement to distract me.

These distractions are self created and are a symptom of self destruction as it always is when we are disconnected from God.

I will have to make an extra effort to keep my mental doors closed to outside distractions as well as inside distractions that I create within my mind.

It’s an issue I must resolve if I am to get even closer to God.

In this day and age when the world and all its chaos and sin are constantly being flashed to us by our TV sets, our computer monitors, our cell phones and tablets, we face this challenge like never before to keep distractions away. We make God lost in our daily noise more then ever before. And the noise we create in our world continues to get louder and louder.

If we do not force ourselves to break away from these distractions then we will never know him and worse, he will never know you in a relationship sense saying, “Depart from me for I never knew you.”

That’s a scary place to be.

Rick Rodriguez


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