I Am Like A Fish

In my walk with Christ have discovered that it’s so much like being a fish. I am limited by my human nature as a fish is limited by his nature to explore another dimension above his own.

Once there was a fish named Rick. One day he got tired of swimming with the rest of the fish at the bottom of the dark ocean of life.

At times while swimming higher he would see shafts of a strange glow coming from above. As he focused and swam harder to these shafts of light he got closer to the surface of this new holy dimension. This dimension above was the source of the light he had been seeing coming down into his world.

Every now and then when he got to the right position and focus on swimming straight up, using all his strength and all his mental capacity, he would begin to see through his watery dimension to see there was another world above his own that was full of light and other forms of life that flew in the air of this new dimension.

He could even see that there was a main source of light in the shape of a brilliant sphere moving about in that higher dimension above him.

Sadly he could not always stay the course, observe and be in the light because the currents below constantly worked against him trying to pull him down and sometimes it succeeded in doing so.

He would see others who were stronger and could constantly stay in the light. He longed to be with them and fought harder to get there.

He was motivated by their stories. They would tell him stories of what they saw up close to the other dimension.

They even had the ability to come out of their watery dimension at times and into the air dimension above but they could never sustain it for their body was not designed be in such an environment.

The most those who followed the light could hope for was to allow the light to change them in their current environment and to learn how to stay in the upper part of their watery dimension instead of hiding in the dark below.

The promise was that one day those who stayed close to the top of their watery dimension would be taken out and finally become part of the new dimension of light. Once they lost their old watery dimension body then they could join the dimension of light above.

So the battle to stay up in the light has its purpose. It builds strength for those who choose to fight the draft downward back into the dark for they will need that strength to move on to forever stay in the new dimension instead of drifting down to the bottle of the dark cold abyss when they die.

A fish will always struggle because it has to for its body is limited but its the struggle to stay on top next to the light is what will make it one day be pulled out and absorbed by the light.

Rick Rodriguez


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