Music’s Hypnotic Effect

Music can have a very hypnotic effect on us.
It’s beats synchronized to rhythms can make us begin to move our bodies in sync with the music.

It’s effect on us impacts our emotions and state of being in a very powerful way.

Demonic spirits know this too and use its power to their advantage. They influence men who write, sing, play, record music and who make the decisions to produce music in many different ways.

Their main goal is to get hypnotic music that goes against Gods will out there to the masses.

They put a spin on it so as to be appealing to the masses and then let them get hooked on its power of words that go against Gods will.

It’s the same power that is used in a false church or a pastor that does not preach absolute true but his truth.

They use hypnotic methods to grab and pull people in.

Music is so powerful. I have to watch myself because I love music and can be easily influenced by what I hear.

When I was young I use to listen to heavy metal bands and I would drink while I would listen.
Forward many years later and when I hear those songs come on the radio now there is a part of me that wants to start drinking again.

I even have to watch new music I hear on the radio these days. I will hear something on the radio with a great beat and begin to like it.
Then I find out it’s a radio version. I hear the uncut version and there is so much cussing in it. I never knew it so I was hooked to the package clean form given to the general public before the truth of the song came out. What a sneaky plan of attack.

And what is the deal with the F word on so many songs? Why do artist feel that it has to be used in their songs? Are they trying to be hip and appeal to their secular audience?

I hear other guys playing their music all the time and I guarantee you it goes not glorify God but only the evil one who keeps pushing emotions of hate and violence.
It seeks to hook them into an ungodly mentality by the affect of those cool beats and rhythms.

A few years ago I got into the music of Notorious BIG, Puff Daddy and Ice Cube.They did not hide the foul cussing and gangster mentality but because the rhythms were so hypnotic I was hooked. As I got closer to God I knew this music was ungodly and so I had a choice. If I wanted to get closer to God I had to drop the distractions that pulled me from him. This music was a demonic distraction.

I thank God that he opened my eyes to see his truth and the dark ones plans in motion working to hook me as well as many others.

So now do I always only listen to godly music?
Of course not.

I can’t live in a bubble, that’s not reality.
We grew up with music both secular and non secular.
We can still listen to secular music but we have to be very careful. Any obvious lyric that’s is ungodly, that is it presents a view in a sexual, violence, foul language or any thing else that would not be approved by a Christian biblical truth church is not one I want to listen to.

For the goal is to be connected to Christ. Many songs may not keep you connected but they may not necessary pull you away. Many are just neutral. These are the ones that would be OK to hear.

Stay connected and watch not only what goes into your eyes but what goes into your ears as well.

Rick Rodriguez

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