Two Faced Christians


I’ve seen some Christians portray themselves as so spiritual to their Christian friends but to their families not as close or other secular friends they show a different face.

It’s this face that shows who they really are. It shows who we all really are. We are not what we show when around family or friends in Christ but who we are when no one who we value to judge us is watching like those who are not in Christ or simply the ones you care less if they judge you or not.

But God watches us as he always does.

For he watches to see if there is a difference in your behavior in both sides of the spectrum. It is the sum of the difference that determines your maturity level with Christ.

For only those deeply close to Christ will will show it to all they are around with.

Please, I’m not trying to point fingers for I too am guilty of being different to some outside of God vs those inside and into the word of God.

It’s just my observation of others and myself.
Let us all work on portraying who we really are in Christ, that is if we are really in Christ.

Rick Rodriguez

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