Satan’s Tool : Wedge

Satan’s plan to defeat us is an old one. He uses a technique called “Divide an Conquer.”

He knows together we are strong but by ourselves we quickly fall because individually we are weak.

So how does he do this? He uses a specialized, custom tool created just for each individual.

It is a supernatural demonic wedge that he drives between love ones to try and separate them.

The separation is not so much in a physical sense even though distance separation is to his advantage. It is more of a mental separation of the minds.

He needs to get minds to focus not on what each one has in common but what is different between each one.

He try’s to separate us by opinions, causes, beliefs, and the biggest, by ego.

He working to separate family by using friends and friends by using family.

He working to separate a husband and a wife, brother against brother and sister against sister.

He’s working to separate cousin against cousin, uncle against uncle and aunt against aunt.

He’s working in larger scales getting groups of people to separate themselves by color, culture, religion, politics, region, country and past experiences.

We must join together and deny him what he seeks.

We must focus on Christ and his love first and NOT use Christ as just another tool for further separation.

Only by his love for him can we know his love for us, then by knowing his love can we love ourselves and others.

Then we will begin to see what we have in common and what is the most common denominator between us which is to be loved and to love like the one who loves us.

This fact alone if taken deep into our psyche stops Satan instantly in his tracks. It pushes away his wedge tool for his efforts become worthless against the love of Christ.

Let us not play his game of separation by feeding separation.

Let us feed the love of Christ which is unity by his love because only by love will this unity ever be possible.

Rick Rodriguez

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