Does Sin Still Fit?

I have discovered that sin is like an old shirt. You always used to put it on because you loved it. It fit good and you loved the way it looked. It just made you look cool.

Then you start to work out and get in shape for a while loosing some of that unwanted fat. One day you try out that shirt and it’s not the same. It does not give you the same pleasure any more.
Now it fits too loose and the colors have faded. Think I’ll wear my new Christian shirt now!

The other day in a weak moment I allowed my mind to think ungodly thoughts to feed me pleasure. To my surprise there was no longer any pleasure in those thoughts. As much as I tried, the affect I was seeking was not there.

It was because I had been reading the bible every day and talking, being one on one with God a lot lately. I had been doing some serious spiritual work outs. I had effectively programmed my mind to stay focused on God. For the first time I tried to change web sites in my mind from good to sinful but my mental computer refused to change. It blocked out the sinful mental site in my mind. Now I had a filter of Christ working within me.

Next, I did what I needed to do. I praised him for helping me keep my mind connected to him and put on some worship music and kept my mind trained on him.
See, if we allow God to flow into us, it changes us to make us more pure. We don’t necessary have to be trying to be pure but purity is a byproduct of walking close to Christ.

Now if I can just continue my closeness with him and not mess it all up and have to start all over. If I can continue to stay on track with Christ, oh how my mind will be so pure and begin to reflect his holy light in ways I could never have imagined.

Rick Rodriguez


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