Sexual Maturity

I think our sexual nature in our youth keeps us from having a true intimate relationship with God. Only when we grow older and our sexual fires within begin to subside a bit to allow us to begin to control our desires are we ready for the next level of intimacy with God.

It’s reaching a level of maturity that can be found only by being connected to Christ.

This level can come at any time. I have seen some in their late twenties very mature in Christ while others in their late fifties finally become mature in Christ. For us men it takes a bit longer because of our sexual drive being so much more stronger gets in the way of that maturity process.

However, in general it is the process of aging that brings wisdom and control of our emotions and desires that give us the advantage over the youth to do the work of God. We are finally able to give more of ourselves instead of focusing more on ourselves.

This is of course the case for only those in Christ. I have seen older men outside of Christ still burning with uncontrollable sexual energy still as when they were in their youth, maybe even worst then when they were in their youth and it will always lead to destruction when they seek ways to vent that energy that is uncontrollable for them.

Truthfully, we Christians need to always keep focus on God for if we abandon him then that will leave a vacuum within that sexual energy seems to always try and fill in and allowing that energy to build unchecked by God will make it become uncontrollable.

We can gain so much maturity as we age in Christ but we can also lose maturity if we allow ourselves to engage in immature behavior outside of Christ.

Let the wise get wiser by being wise enough to know the source of wisdom while the fools get even more foolish by doing foolish acts like separating from the source of wisdom.

Rick Rodriguez


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