The Political Parties Game

Political Parties
(Play the game if you must)

OK, go.. If you must play their game go but hurry and return quickly for there is work to be done in the fields.
By the way my friend, who are you choosing? What side? Which one represents you a foreigner of this land?

One side kills babies but helps the poor.
The other side saves the babies but kills the poor.

One side fights for all rights but Christian rights.
While the other side fights for Christian rights and ignores the rest.

One side says if you don’t support those in other lifestyles then you hate them.
The other side says if your in those other lifestyles then they hate you.

These are extreme sides of men and the failed groups they make.

They represent their own agenda not one of Christ!

Those in Christ subscribe to no group created by men. We may choose a side based on a temporary decision but we understand we are picking the lesser of two evils. Yet who defines what is less evil. Is not evil still evil?

Men can paint it as many colors as it chooses to make it seem beautiful, but evil is still evil.

We in Christ know life is valuable to God from the beginning heart beat to the end.

We know civil rights and equality to all is a Godly endeavor but we do not support the right to sin. That is not a civil right.

We love all those in different lifestyles as God loves them but we know what lifestyles are not Godly.

So we speak his truth in his love that they are free to choose their path like we all are but if they choose a path other than one given to them by God then there are consequences given by God but not by us.

We are to only reflect his light and not be the light. We are to allow all the freedom to choose his way or not as he has allowed us the freedom to choose.

So what political party best supports the Christian view. Really none but still there is a difference for in their ignorance they separate and make a choice possible?

For one side seeks to disassemble the church to create their own version while the other wants to add to the church and modify it to their version.

One side seeks to take out biblical truth and replace it with their truth while the other side just wants to add to biblical truth.

These two sides force men to opposite corners and arms them with hatred, then sends them to the center to fight.

Truth be told the two sides that force men to fight against each other are in fact part of the same group.

They belong to a higher order who’s purpose is to cause disorder.

They used men as pawns in their games of conquest for power and wealth to serve their master of this dark world.

So which party represents us, followers of Christ..really none but then no party can represent us. No group of men can ever fully represent us for we are not to follow any men. We are not of this world. We don’t play their silly games and allow ourselves to become their pawns unless we give them permission.

Do what you must do. Play the silly game if you wish but do it quickly for there is work to be done in the fields. There really is not much time to play their games. Hurry, make you choice if you must. Then quickly grab your shovel when you return and hit the fields of God for there is so much work to be done and yet so few foreigners to do the work.

Funny how some foreigners get so caught up in the customs of this land and yet they don’t even belong here…lol.

Rick Rodriguez


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