The Network Administrator 

Why is God so infinitely powerful and why can he never lose his status as such?
Because he is the programmer and everything else is a program. 

For he is the architect of the universe. He is the one who laid down the trillions upon trillions of Ethernet cables and connected all the trillions of servers to them. 

He is the one who made the trillions upon trillions of programs to run on these servers sending trillions upon trillions of data bytes between the servers.
He even created programs to think for themselves, a form of artificial intelligence and allowed it to create their own program to host itself.
If one program decided to rebel against the programmer and send a virus into the servers that holds the best of his creations…the ones he loves the most.. do you think the programmer will panic? 

It’s just a corrupted program to the programmer and nothing else. It’s not even hardware for if the programmer wanted to he could just hit the power switch and shut that server down but he allows the program to run its course.

We really don’t know or can our minds ever comprehend the reasons why the programs run let alone the programs themselves.
But we have faith in the great architect and know his programming never fails. 

We know nothing..not even his angelic programs on those servers he has close by can ever know his truth power and the genius of his network designs for it too is out of their comprehension.

Yes, God, the great architect of the universe is magnificent beyond all understanding!

Rick Rodriguez


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