Management Styles

Socialist management: No employee input, red tape, out of touch, stagnation, ineffective, failure.

Democratic management: employee input, streamlined, in touch, progress, effective, success!

One supports the employee while the other goes against the employee making their job more difficult with each hurdle they make the employee do. 

Sad thing is the management team that goes against the employee most of the time is so out of touch that they have no idea that they are the main obstacle to their employees production.

Instead the management team that is against the employee will point fingers at the ones it seeks to give the blame for their own failures instead of seeking solutions. 

Unfortunately success for the management team that goes against the employee will not come until they begin to support the employee. 

It’s the successful management teams that look at employees as assets fighting to keep them instead of looking at them as liabilities easily letting them go.
For most of us, Socialistic dictatorships are the main structure in power for most of America that goes to work each morning.

For a country that believes in freedom of its citizens but allows the corporate world to run its employee affairs like a socialistic dictatorship is a strange condition indeed. 

So am I asking for more legal rights for the employee or perhaps a mandatory union? 

The answer is so much more simpler than that. 

All the employee really ever wants in the end is just to be treated with kindness and respect and to let them do their work. They need less management not more management. Well, At least the good employees need less management.

Let the hard working employees get the good treatment and respect they deserve. Leave them alone!

The problem here is that of course with issues involving treatment and respect it all comes down to the condition of the heart.
Since we are dealing with man and his fallen condition this will explain why most work places are socialistic in nature. Also it explains why most will never change.

So if you have a job with a great management team then consider yourself lucky.
If you don’t, tough luck!

Deal with it or put yourself in a position to never have to deal with management. 
For its all just a game being played. Your play by their rules or you change the rules and play your own game. 

Rick Rodriguez 



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