Purity Of His Blood.

Does God have blood flowing through his body?
Of course not. He is far above our understanding. He requires no blood for survival. 

It’s like asking the question does a super nova exploding in a distance galaxy require blood?

But he did have blood when he created himself to take human form. 
It’s was his blood that was shed for us so that we might be saved if we gave ourselves fully to him.

He must have had the most perfect blood one could imagine.
How do I know? He was the perfect lamb to be sacrificed for our us, without blemish or fault.
He was absolute purity outside and inside. 
I’m sure his blood carried no disease or viruses.
It would have been wonderful to have gotten a blood transfusion from him and yet as a Christian that is exactly what we are doing in a spiritual sense.
We come to him first, then through him, by his spiritual blood and the transfusion he gives us we begin to change.
He begins to take our impurities away making our blood pure. 
We in turn become pure.
It’s a sanctification process.  
If a so called Christian has not changed in their heart by the supposedly given of their heart to Christ then I have to wonder if they really did give their heart to Christ? Maybe they are still too immature to understand that it is all about his blood and his holy transfusion of living water by the way of the Holy Spirit?

Maybe they have not allowed the Holy Spirit to make that change in them by not surrendering their heart fully?

Whatever it is, it’s clear that they have not received the blood transfusion.

Having said this, we need to remember that his blood will continue to flow in us as long as we are in him. If we disconnect from him then the flow stops. 

As always it entirely up to us if we connect and receive or not.
His power, blessings and healing are only found in his blood. 
And most importantly we are saved by his blood.
I thank God, that he created himself to have blood and that he gave it freely to us who needed it to survive, and to be with him. 

For by his blood he is in us and will therefore become a part of us and will live in us by the Holy Spirit in us. 

Give me….”Nothing but the blood of Jesus!”

Rick Rodriguez 


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