Sinning Against God

Sinning against God is like renouncing your American citizenship and joining a terrorist group. You then come to America and blow up a government building screaming allahu akbar!

You have become a traitor to your country (God) and deserve nothing less than the death penalty.

Coming back home would never be an option for you are now wanted dead or alive.
You couldn’t blame God if he sent a remote drone to your location to take you out as he does with some.
But for the majority, for some strange reason God calls the traitor back home.
Even after the traitor turns his back against the one true God, even after he joined a Satanic group who worships a Satanic God, even after he was the one who came to America and personally blew up a government building.
God’s grace is so incomprehensible!
Why would he do it?

Because he loves us more that any other person could ever love us!
To him we are worth another chance, and another, and another but his grace has its limits and is not to be taken for granted.
He is truly Holy beyond understanding to sit waiting for us to come back so he can start a feast to celebrate our return. 

So while he removes the death penalty punishment and declares the innocence of those that return, they might still have to answer for and pay the damages that they caused not to God but to a country of followers who took them back.
Sin can be forgiven, but sometimes sin comes with consequences that will run its course because of the laws of nature that God has set in place.

O Lord, thank you for taking me back when I deliberately blew up your temple (me) and renounced my citizenship to you and your country by the actions I committed. 
I deserved death but in court you pronounce your own son guilty of the crime and set me free. 

I know I was guilty, you know I was guilty but yet you had the final say in the final judgment rendered as the ultimate highest judge in all creation…and yet I’m found innocent?

What a true image of grace that only Jehovah could do or better yet understand for I know I can’t. It blows my mind to the degree of compassion and love you have for us. 

Now your temple that I destroyed has been rebuilt by you. I again am the building that you live in for again I belong to you. I again am connected to you.
For I am again with the one I love and the one who loves me like no other. 
I am again a citizens of his followers and my criminal record has been wiped clean for it no longer exist. The file was destroyed. It’s as if my past sin against God never happened…and with his forgiveness it never did.
Wow! That so beyond my understanding.

Thank you for your grace found in your forgiveness!

It’s truly a gift that only you can give and only your children who you live in could ever accept not by their intellect but by the condition of their heart. Something the outside world will never understand.

Rick Rodriguez

1 Corinthians 6:19 (Phillips)

Have you forgotten that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you, and that you are not the owner of your own body?


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