Our perception of reality is distorted.

It’s because we live in a distorted dimension.
We are distorted so we have created our reality to become distorted.

Reality as God knows it is the only true reality. All others are illusions of our minds as it try’s to comprehend it’s surrounding.
It’s our limitations not our failures that create these false realities. We can only see what our eyes have the ability to see. 

However limited we are, we still have great power given to us by God to affect our reality. 

We can stabilize our reality based on our ability to have stable thoughts. 
We can destabilize our reality based on our ability to have destabilized thoughts.
In our thought process we either choose light to stabilize us or choose darkness.

The choices we make have great consequences for our reality. More than we could ever have imagined. It’s not by our power that this is done but by Gods power. 

He gives us this tool that we might use it to create a reality that has him playing a part and in doing so that his blessing may manifest into our reality. 

A warning to ones who don’t know of this power they possess. 
The power can be used to also add darkness into their reality so that it can manifest its own will into a persons reality. 

Let us be very careful what we do for it has a tremendous ripple effect in our dimension that holds our reality that we create. 

Rick Rodriguez

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