What Is Reality?

So the other day I was thinking about our reality.
Who defines it?

Well of course we do by our experiences in our own reality but I’m sure our definition is not correct in that we only see a slice of what real reality is because we know it involves more than what we can perceive. For reality seems to be more that what our perception will allow.
We are in a way just like fish in our dimensional universe and can only perceive reality based on what we swim in.
So to the fish the water is their only reality but there are many more realities that the fish is not aware of. 

So we too are only aware of our level that we occupy. But at the atomic level we know there must be more for God leaves clues to his puzzles. 

At the atomic level we see electrons fading in and out. It’s their quantum characteristics that make them not fit the world we know of and give us clues to others.

The electrons behave as if they are ghost popping in and out of our existence. 
Scientists know this means they are going somewhere but they are just not sure where. 

They seem to think mathematically an infinite amount of universes or dimensions can be a possibility but they just don’t know.
They seem to be at the beginning point of realizing the true reality by what they see and they don’t even realize it.
God tells us in his word about a dimension higher than our own so we know science is just reaffirming this idea. 

Rick Rodriguez

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