Critical poison 

People who know me know that I like to write.
I write blogs and stories all the time. 

There have been some that have been critical of my writings because of some misspelled word or error in grammar usage.
Of course they have every right to do and I’m grateful that they do but if that’s all they see is an error I make and not my message then they missed the beauty of it all. 

It’s like looking at an oil painting and focusing on just one color instead of looking at the whole picture.
And so it is with someone who is too critical. Your critical eye may be limiting your view to just one color in a situation. You may be missing the bigger picture.

I am reminded of the Pharisee’s who where too focus on the law and missed the one who wrote the law and who knew more about the law than they did.
We can be so critical about someone or something that we many times miss the bigger picture. 

We have to remember that we are dealing with humans and they will at times let us down.

Every situation involving humans will fail because of the human element.

Sometimes we just have to step back and let chaos settle down then try again. 

I know that even I have to watch myself too because I’m also human and prone to make the same error. 

If we could only allow people to be human and make errors at times, to be human. 

Of course some errors are too big to ignore and too big that we should have known better to do. 

There are exceptions to the rule or idea. This one is complicated and so there are also exceptions but that’s all together another story. 

Now if only I could remember my own words and not be so critical!

Rick Rodriguez


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