Sailing With Anchors 

I am like a ship with so many issues, so many anchors some weighting so much that my sailboat can not move.
I have fully surrendered to him. I have opened my sails completely to allow him to guide by way of his spirit winds and take me where he wants me to go but I have gone nowhere. 

My sailboat is weighted down by my own self created anchors. I can not make them go away on my own. Only God can cut them loose.
So lately I slowly have been allowing him to work on my anchors and cut them off one by one. 

I’m beginning to feel my sailboat move. I feel like just a few more anchors (issues) I give over to him to resolve (cut away) and I will begin to go in his direction!

I’m excited about the future. I’m excited where he will take me!
It’s all about obedience and living a life within his will. 
Soon may his winds will carry me to my destiny. 

Rick Rodriguez

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