Taking God Out Of The Equation


Charisma News Article


I was reading this article today and it really got me to think…If our society has taken God out of the equation as the absolute truth, the absolute authority then who takes his place?

Do we give federal judges the authority to become our authority? Well we have not but they have already taken the role and have made up their own moral standards.

If God is no longer authority then really there is no authority because there is no standard by which to measure and there is no one person or group that has mastered absolute truth enough to be the absolute authority on matter’s of moral truth.

So if we are now going by the man’s authority, by his rule that all have rights as long as there is no harm to anyone then is it not discrimination to not accept all forms of individual rights?

For accepting one idea, one must accept all ideas or that by societies own definition becomes discrimination against that one group we do not accept with beliefs that have just as much an argument, just as mush a reason to do as they wish. Who defines who’s rights will be granted and who’s will not?

Once the Flood gates are open then all that the water brings in is permissible if not then why open the gates?

There is either a standard based on absolute truth or no standard at all because any standard not based on absolute truth is no standard at all.

God is what makes the equation true. Take him out and the mathematical equation falls apart. It becomes false. One plus one will always be two but if society believes that three is the answer instead of two then this mathematical answer becomes false but if they accept it as truth then it becomes truth to them. They must value their truth above absolute truth.

Also if they believe it to be true then any number besides three can be used because there are many answers that can be believed since truth is no longer the answer our society desires.

All answers are permissible with no truth and to disregard one answer over the other as believable becomes irrelevant. For without truth then anything goes for it is permissible without truth.

And there is the core issue to all this. Everyone wants to do what brings them pleasure and no one whats to be told that they can’t do that thing that they do to get their pleasure. If their believes are accepted and allowed then they have the green light to proceed in their actions. If it is not accepted by society then they seek to change the minds of society so that it becomes acceptable. This is all they really seek.

Some things we do are accepted by a Godly moral value standard but many things we do are not. Those that are outside of Gods moral standard feel his judgment on them. They feel its their right to have no conscience, to feel good about what they do. So to get to this point they must take God out of the equation.

They want God out so that they can do what they want to without their conscience or societies conscience in their way.

Only then will sin become fully enjoyable, when we do not see it as sin, just an natural animal act of desire being fulfilled. Somehow I believe God holds us to a higher standard than animals. Why? Because he says so!

So am I a hater? No I am a truth-er standing up for truth. So do I always do what is in truth, right in his sight? Of course not. But I know when I do wrong because of his truth and will always strive to stay on the side of his truth not my truth.

For I will love the woman who married her son but not accept her idea of truth.

For I will love the man who has sex with his dolphin but not accept his idea of truth.

For I will love the man who adopts a young man from central America only to have sex with him but I will not accept his idea of truth.

For I will love the woman who wants to marry her dog but will not accept her idea of truth.

For those that do not stay in his truth become twisted, perverse and mentally sick by going their on way to their own truth.

I will love them but always speak truth and in turn watch myself that I always stay in his truth because I never want to be in my own truth and have my own mind become twisted, perverse and sick.

Those in his light always become spiritually straight in his truth but those outside of his truth become twisted by the darkness as it twist their minds into many different directions of non truth. For its a process darkness uses to slowly destroy those who leave the protection of the light.

It all comes down to a light or absence of light and the choices we make to take us to one way or the other.


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