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Sexual Desire In Christ

Men many times fall for the illusion that they need sex, and that they simply can not go long without it.

This is true. For after a few days of no sex it becomes easier to lust and have fantasies as our sexual hunger builds up again but this is because our focus is on ourselves.

I am also guilty of telling the exact same thing to my wife.
We think our ability to control ourselves becomes more difficult the more we go without sex but this is an illusion.

So how do I know this?
Because when I am totally connected to Christ, when I can feel his presence within me then all my sexual desires vanish.

Why? Because it becomes all about him and not me.
In this state of mind I no longer desire to satisfy me but now seek to satisfy him by obedience, prayer, love and being in a way now intimate with him.

I become a servant no longer the one wanting to be served.
And if we do have sex then it’s still in that same state of mind as a servant of Christ. It becomes a special moment in our ability to serve as God would want us to serve.

My goal is not my satisfaction but my wives satisfaction.

In this state of mind, sex is a tool created by God to build sexual satisfaction and intimacy. To build love between a husband and wife. Our focus is our partner not us.

Too many men not connected to Christ seem to think sex is all about themselves. Their goal is to make sure they get satisfied and if they have to then they can try to satisfy their wives.

It’s a self focus, self worship ideology based on the illusion that a man must be satisfied to control his desires. Truth is he can never control his desires outside of Christ. He will always be falling and failing in his illusion.

Only when he is in Christ will his desires be in control because it’s Christ who controls them not him.

Rick Rodriguez


Global Elitist: The Secret Agenda.

The global elitist are a very powerful group not just financially but intellectually too.

The elitist control the big banks, big corporations, the market rhythms, many major governments, presidents, politicians, world media and what people think by what they see and hear so therefore they control the people.

The elitist control those that allow themselves to be controlled but truth is most are not even aware of the fact that they are controlled. They fall so easily to the false truth that is fed to them daily by their controlled media.
They become in effect brainwashed to believe a certain way.

They become characters playing a part in the biggest false performance in history. They are the actors following the directions of the director…or more truthfully board of directors and they are not even aware that they play their part.

You see them on Social media all day arguing and defending their political candidate, their social movement and while they are preoccupied with their arguments the elitist take our money out of our pockets by the billions…by the trillions.

They are absorbed in the chaos like a rat trapped going for the cheese for the elitist know they will always go for the bait of emotions.

For the chaos is growing because the ones who just follow blindly are too caught up in the elitist reality show to see truth. So in doing so they fulfill the chaos by way of being participants doing exactly as predicted by the elitist intellectuals.
So what is their biggest secret? They are the play writers and the backdrop movers of the play.

They seek chaos to be used as a key for their higher ultimate goal…the tearing apart and the destruction of America as we know it and the creation of new America prepared for their own coming savior.

For only then with America out of the loop can they bring down the whole world as we know it and build it back up for their saviors return.

So why would they do such a thing?
It’s a very small and easy answer… For the increase of wealth and power which is only found in chaotic states not in states of peace. And for the control platform their coming savior will use to bring them all together as one.

For the elitist have their own God they follow and have sold themselves to for their wealth and power.

So what can you do so as not to get caught up in their brainwashing games to further fuel chaos?

Simply stay away from their brainwashing tools.
Don’t watch the news, don’t listen to talk radio, even some Christian talk radio is their tool.

Filter what you read on the web and social media. Don’t get caught up in their emotions they get for being blind. Choose carefully those that you hang around with for many are agents of the elitist doing their work of fueling chaos and yet many are not even aware of it.

Read the bible daily. Scripture has a way of exposing what is true for his light exposes all false agendas and makes the invisible become visible to your heart.
Only by these methods will you be free from the mental contamination and control of the elitist.

For their reign comes because most will fall for the illusion and play their game giving their very soul to play and those that do not play will lose their life but gain their soul. But they will be ready when that time comes for the light will always keep them in the know and one step ahead of their agenda.

Rick Rodriguez

Ephesians 5:13-14
But their evil intentions will be exposed when the light shines on them, for the light makes everything visible. This is why it is said,
“Awake, O sleeper,
rise up from the dead,
and Christ will give you light.”