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James 1:17 ISV

“Every generous act of giving and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father who made the heavenly lights, (The Father of the light) in whom there is no inconsistency or shifting shadow.” ~James 1:17 ISV

I heard a preacher read this verse the other day and it blew me away. It says so much!

First their is no inconsistency in his light. No matter what direction it comes it is at a maximum brightness and so pure. There is no fluctuations or off white in color. It is pure brilliant white in every direction.

This verse also speaks of the direction, by way of the path his light comes from and therefore where he is present.

He cast no shadow for his light, his presence comes from above and below, from the left and the right, from this dimension and from others, from the natural and supernatural, from time and out side of time, and from within and without.

He is everywhere, the perfect light, the perfect presence.

There is not a speck of anything.. No micron of darkness anywhere to be found within this light except in the one place he has temporarily allowed it to exist. It’s in the heart of man and in the core of wicked spiritual entities.

But soon he will clean that one microscopic speck and his kingdom will be absolutely pure and no longer polluted by the effects of wickedness.

So if there is no shadow by his presence then darkness simply cannot exist in his presence except one.

The one speck he allows to exist would have long ago evaporated into nothingness by the power of his glory but by his grace he holds it there protected from light giving those without his light connected to darkness time to accept him before his holiness explodes with its full glory.

He holds himself, his true holiness back for you that you might still use this last opportunity to finally see his light and come to him.

Rick Rodriguez


Deliver Me

O Lord, sometimes I get so tired of being an Israelite slave working all the time for Pharaoh as he builds his temples.

At times I gets so tired and bored. It seems so meaningless and hopeless. At times I lose my will to continue.
But I must have strength and not complain. 
I must continue to have faith that one day you will send my own personal Moses to deliver me from this slavery. 

I have no doubt that you will deliver me if not in this world, then in the next.
I must believe that you did not just send me here to be a slave but to make a difference.

But then again it’s not about me.
O Lord, I do my work but deep inside I feel like I do not belong, like I’m wasting my time. I feel like I need to do your work but what that is I do not know?

O Lord, deliver me to a position in life so that I can do your will because right now I am not and because I am not it’s tearing my spirit down piece by piece.
Rick Rodriguez

Jeans and Connections

Sometimes jeans can play a role in blocking a connection.

You would not think so because you can throw a pair of jeans over a cell phone and it will still receive a call. So how can jeans block a signal and make you lose a connection?

Well, I’m talking about men’s issues with lust. Men are visual creatures and what fills the jeans brings possible shapes of visual stimulation to men.

It is that stimulation that causes lust and thereby a total disconnection from God for those Christian men who make the mistake of allowing their minds to wander off focus on Christ.

It’s not so much the jeans but the lack of control by men, the mental state of mind they allow themselves to have.

It’s not that men are perverts per say but more of a natural desire programmed within our DNA that guarantees the progression of the human race.

It’s an animal instinct but we are not just uncivilized creatures.

We have intelligence and moral values especially those in Christ.

Even so it is still a battle to be as God wants us to be when our flesh try’s to get us to be as it wants to be.

I work in an environment where most of the people I come across are female nurses.
I am so thankful that they have to wear loose scrubs. If it was an environment where they wore mostly jeans I’m sure it would severely limit my connection with God or at least test it daily.

Even with scrubs some women still pose visual challenges to men.
Add beauty and a friendly character to the mix and God will be the last thing on their minds.

So can jeans block communication with God?

No, it’s man’s process of the visual image of the jeans that blocks the communication.

Men are responsible for the block of communication with God not women but women can certainly make it more difficult to be responsible especially when they know they have that power and abuse it to get attention.

It’s all about focus. We all need to focus less on what turns us on or what turns on each other and focus more on what turns on God.

Rick Rodriguez

Your Powerful

Believe it or not, you possess a lot of power and it is manifested simply by the choices you make.

Every day you make a choice for you and your family to either attract positive energy and by default repel negative energy or attract negative energy and by default repel positive energy.

It all starts with your choices and the actions you take either in your physical or mental reality.

Our actions or thoughts will attract God and his blessings or repel him and his blessings.

When he is repelled by you then by its natural state darkness fills in the void and provides to you and your family its own version of blessings (negative blessings). This kind of dark blessing seeks to destroy you and your family instead of building up.

So be very careful especially if you are a parent with children, a manager of a family.

Watch what you think, say, do, see, and hear for these actions make you very powerful in the spiritual realm in what you attract or repel from them.

Rick Rodriguez

The World Needs Us

Yesterday as I walked into the Walmart store in Arlington I noticed how so many people are in their own selfish world caring only for themselves. They are rushing around not caring for any one that gets in the way.

Cars did not want to stop for people and people did not want to stop for cars.
People going inside the store in the wrong direction and coming out in the wrong direction but if you get in their way they look at you as if you did something wrong.

Then the cashier seems to not care and actually seems irritated that she has to wait on me.

I quickly came to the conclusion that this world is so full of hatred, very weak on the expression of love. Big surprise right?

Earlier in the day coming home I noticed on the road people were cutting in front of others, not allowing cars to enter the freeway in front of them, and trying to ride the shoulder to pass cars to get to the exit ramp much faster.
Every one seems to be for themselves.

How did we get this way?
It is the byproduct of a fallen world. Everyone’s main focus is themselves. They are their own God.

What should us Christians do? Continue to complain or just keep quiet and deal with it?

Well per God, We are to be the light in this dark world. We are to show this world what is love and how it looks like in every day life.

We are to do it not to equalize darkness for that is not what we are put here to do nor do we have the capability to do so.

We are not to do it so that we can show how righteous we are?

No, it’s not about us. We are to shine his light because that is what is expected of us, those that follow him.

No one may see or care that we shine the light in our everything walk but God cares and really that is the only reason you need to continue to reflect his light. It glorifies him!

So the next time a car in front of you turns without a signal light, when you make that turn you use your signal light.

Next time a car wants to get in front of you, you yield to him.

Next time a person shows you rude customer service you smile at them and tell them to have a nice day.

For by doing these things you show God that it is about him not you and that you worship him not you.

Truth be told, there are a few good people out there who do express Gods love. I know because I have ran into some on those rare occasions.

And if your a fellow Christ follower then you should be one of those rare people showing his reflected light.

If you are one who follows Christ you should not be known at work, school or with a group of friends as the grumpy negative one for that is not showing the light and love of Christ.

I know it’s very hard to do but with an intense love for Christ it is possible.

Yes, you might not always show his love, you might even fail on occasion but if you are a Christian then you are expected to do things right and be in right standing with him which is easy to do when your full of him and in love with him and so that love spills out to others around.

That is what being in Christ is all about.

Let us show the world how light flows in our every day life.

Rick Rodriguez

Slaves Follow Rules

So the other day a coworker was terminated from his duties. Why? Because he did not follow the masters instructions, he did not follow the rules.

He was taken to the back fields and was not heard from again.

He had failed to understand that as a slave, he was required to follow the masters rules.

He had made an financial exchange, a contract that he would sell himself over to the master and give up his rights for a certain amount of time based on payment he would receive for such transaction.

Once he signed himself away he was to do as the master told him to do in that time frame.

We who sign ourselves away to slavery must follow our masters commands if we are expected to be prosperous and supported by the master for our needs.

If the master or a head slave working for the master gives a command like be here at such time to perform your duties and tells you if you haven’t arrived for your duties and its past five minutes then he will terminate you as his slave then you better do as he says and be there on time.

If he says for being one second late he will terminate you as a slave then you better be there early just to make sure your not late.

If he says if your late you need to wear a shirt that says loser and hop around on one foot for 30 seconds then you do it. For you are his slave and if he wants to play silly games then do it.

Remember you are his slave so you do as you are told.

I work for my masters with the best effort I can give most of the time because I know when I work for my master I please God because I really work for God.

Many slaves have no issues with their masters. Many have a wonderful life’s being a slave.

Those who can not keep the masters rules or do not like having a master have other options.

They can make themselves free. They can run to states that will give them their freedom but it’s a very difficult and dangerous journey. It all depends on how bad you want your freedom.

Word of advice for those who seek freedom, do as I do. Work hard for your master but always study the land and keep looking for and working for an opportunity.

When the opportunity comes, run and run as fast as you can. Don’t look back. Go for freedom because if your desire for freedom was that strong enough to make you run even with its dangers then you must push hard to continue the journey and run until you are free.

For you are one of those rare ones who will not be happy until you escape because God has planted within you a seed of freedom.

Rick Rodriguez

Philippians 3:8-9a

“Yes, everything else is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have discarded everything else, counting it all as garbage, so that I could gain Christ and become one with him.”~ Philippians 3:8-9a

I read this verse this morning and it hit home. All this political junk they try to force down our throats is all worthless junk compared to the value of knowing Christ. We must not become one with this world and its ways so that we can become with him for all is garbage compared to knowing him.