Jeans and Connections

Sometimes jeans can play a role in blocking a connection.

You would not think so because you can throw a pair of jeans over a cell phone and it will still receive a call. So how can jeans block a signal and make you lose a connection?

Well, I’m talking about men’s issues with lust. Men are visual creatures and what fills the jeans brings possible shapes of visual stimulation to men.

It is that stimulation that causes lust and thereby a total disconnection from God for those Christian men who make the mistake of allowing their minds to wander off focus on Christ.

It’s not so much the jeans but the lack of control by men, the mental state of mind they allow themselves to have.

It’s not that men are perverts per say but more of a natural desire programmed within our DNA that guarantees the progression of the human race.

It’s an animal instinct but we are not just uncivilized creatures.

We have intelligence and moral values especially those in Christ.

Even so it is still a battle to be as God wants us to be when our flesh try’s to get us to be as it wants to be.

I work in an environment where most of the people I come across are female nurses.
I am so thankful that they have to wear loose scrubs. If it was an environment where they wore mostly jeans I’m sure it would severely limit my connection with God or at least test it daily.

Even with scrubs some women still pose visual challenges to men.
Add beauty and a friendly character to the mix and God will be the last thing on their minds.

So can jeans block communication with God?

No, it’s man’s process of the visual image of the jeans that blocks the communication.

Men are responsible for the block of communication with God not women but women can certainly make it more difficult to be responsible especially when they know they have that power and abuse it to get attention.

It’s all about focus. We all need to focus less on what turns us on or what turns on each other and focus more on what turns on God.

Rick Rodriguez


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