The World Needs Us


Yesterday as I walked into the Walmart store in Arlington I noticed how so many people are in their own selfish world caring only for themselves. They are rushing around not caring for any one that gets in the way.

Cars did not want to stop for people and people did not want to stop for cars.
People going inside the store in the wrong direction and coming out in the wrong direction but if you get in their way they look at you as if you did something wrong.

Then the cashier seems to not care and actually seems irritated that she has to wait on me.

I quickly came to the conclusion that this world is so full of hatred, very weak on the expression of love. Big surprise right?

Earlier in the day coming home I noticed on the road people were cutting in front of others, not allowing cars to enter the freeway in front of them, and trying to ride the shoulder to pass cars to get to the exit ramp much faster.
Every one seems to be for themselves.

How did we get this way?
It is the byproduct of a fallen world. Everyone’s main focus is themselves. They are their own God.

What should us Christians do? Continue to complain or just keep quiet and deal with it?

Well per God, We are to be the light in this dark world. We are to show this world what is love and how it looks like in every day life.

We are to do it not to equalize darkness for that is not what we are put here to do nor do we have the capability to do so.

We are not to do it so that we can show how righteous we are?

No, it’s not about us. We are to shine his light because that is what is expected of us, those that follow him.

No one may see or care that we shine the light in our everything walk but God cares and really that is the only reason you need to continue to reflect his light. It glorifies him!

So the next time a car in front of you turns without a signal light, when you make that turn you use your signal light.

Next time a car wants to get in front of you, you yield to him.

Next time a person shows you rude customer service you smile at them and tell them to have a nice day.

For by doing these things you show God that it is about him not you and that you worship him not you.

Truth be told, there are a few good people out there who do express Gods love. I know because I have ran into some on those rare occasions.

And if your a fellow Christ follower then you should be one of those rare people showing his reflected light.

If you are one who follows Christ you should not be known at work, school or with a group of friends as the grumpy negative one for that is not showing the light and love of Christ.

I know it’s very hard to do but with an intense love for Christ it is possible.

Yes, you might not always show his love, you might even fail on occasion but if you are a Christian then you are expected to do things right and be in right standing with him which is easy to do when your full of him and in love with him and so that love spills out to others around.

That is what being in Christ is all about.

Let us show the world how light flows in our every day life.

Rick Rodriguez


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