Your Powerful

Believe it or not, you possess a lot of power and it is manifested simply by the choices you make.

Every day you make a choice for you and your family to either attract positive energy and by default repel negative energy or attract negative energy and by default repel positive energy.

It all starts with your choices and the actions you take either in your physical or mental reality.

Our actions or thoughts will attract God and his blessings or repel him and his blessings.

When he is repelled by you then by its natural state darkness fills in the void and provides to you and your family its own version of blessings (negative blessings). This kind of dark blessing seeks to destroy you and your family instead of building up.

So be very careful especially if you are a parent with children, a manager of a family.

Watch what you think, say, do, see, and hear for these actions make you very powerful in the spiritual realm in what you attract or repel from them.

Rick Rodriguez

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