Washing Of Sin

Today I prayed for a man that was in a sinful lifestyle. Then I thought, “What is wrong with this picture? Am I implying to myself that I am better then him?”

For I too live a sinful lifestyle. Does not everyone live a sinful lifestyle?

Most of us may sin to lesser degrees than others but is a glass of fresh drinking water that is twenty percent contaminated better than eighty percent?

They are both not worthy to be consumed for they both will make you sick.
It’s not a question of which water is more contaminated then the other for that is an irrelevant question because they are both not good at all.

The question is which glass will be emptied, cleaned with disinfectant, rinsed washed then filled with new pure water again?

Clearly one in Christ has the advantage because their water can be renewed while the others outside of Christ will never renew their contaminated water so they constantly poison themselves.

But back to the prayer, I would say we all need prayer because we all have sinful lifestyles but some need a special prayer.

They need one that cry’s out to God that they may find a way to renew their polluted water to living water before it’s too late.

They need this special prayer before they perish into eternity for the poison of this world that they consume that will eventually bring them death and entry into the dark everlasting oblivion.

Truth be told sometimes my glass is eighty percent contaminated and theirs is twenty percent but mine glass of water is washable and renewable while theirs is not.

So I have hope and they do not.

May they find hope and freedom from their sins as I have.

Rick Rodriguez


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