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Remove The Sunglasses 

Oh Lord, so grand, so majestic, so holy in every way, you are as the bright sun that shines on all.
Who can not see such a beautiful warm holiness that you are. 
One must simply look and they shall see.
But unfortunately many choose to not see you. 
They deliberately keep their eyes closed. They choose not to see your light. 

Others look into these artificial sources of light and try to get truth from them. They stare that the light bulbs when the sun is shining above them. 

Still others, the majority of our society say their source is the sun itself (God) but they put on these sunglasses that filter who you really are Lord. 

They dim the light just enough so that their version of your truth is acceptable to them, so that they may still believe as they wish, so that they may be in step with society who also wear these fashionable sunglasses.
They want to be hip and part of a crowd. They want to be accepted and so they value their ego more than you. 

And so they wear these sunglasses and still see the light but it’s not the real light of truth. They can not see this fact because of the condition of their heart not being exposed to pure light. 

What is even more troubling to me is how most of them think they are connected to him but just look at the things they sing, watch, hear, say, do, believe in, the actions they do, the lifestyle they live..these are not of the light.

How can they even know this and see it within their own heart if they continue to refuse to take the sunglasses off to see the purity of the light. 

You can not live a life that you proclaim to be close to God while continually filtering his light. 

For you can not live in his truth if you filter his truth.
Sure we in the light, who see the purity of the light and its truths may at times do all those things as those outside the light or filter the light do when we are weak and in that moment of weakness then we close our eyes.
But what makes us different from those outside of the light or who filter the light is the fact that we have been connected to the light for so long, exposed to it so much that we develop eyes within our hearts that still see him and so still connect us to his light. So in doing so even when we close our eyes he still can work within us. 

So when we fail our conscience tells us we have failed because even if we have temporarily shut our visual eyes we still see his light by our eyes within our heart. And so when we fail we hunger to open our eyes again to receive his light visually and so we do so to reconnect to his glory again by our sight.
We do not believe in wearing spiritual sunglasses to filter the light. We want true light, not filtered light. 

It’s so sad to see many fill up the churches wearing their sunglasses being hip to the world and seeing things as society does.
They go into the house of the light wearing spiritual sunglasses. Think about that for a minute. What a complete insult to the light. 

They mock the light and yet may not be aware that they do.
Oh and how said it is that even some pastors wear these spiritual sunglasses.
Oh how sad it is that even whole churches and religions have been created to cater to only those who like to wear sunglasses.
It’s everywhere. Everybody’s wearing sunglasses these days. No one wants to see the true light any more. 

Just look at our Christian youth of our time, the next generation in Christ. 
They say they follow the light but most wear sunglasses and mingle with the world with no conviction that they have filtered his light.

They listen to the music artist that are unholy, they go to concerts that are unholy, they hang around the crowds that are unholy with no conviction that they are really not walking in the purity of the light. And of course they will not have any conviction of being disconnected because of the sunglasses that filter the light of truth.
If they can not see his truth they will not know his truth.

If they can not see his truth and know his truth then they have no idea that they are missing his truth.
And I can not leave myself out of the problem of filtering the light for there have been many times I have put on sunglasses to be cool and began to block his true light. I am also guilty of putting my ego in front of him at times. Thank God he has spoken to me in those moments of self focus to have me look in a spiritual mirror to realize I am wearing spiritual sunglasses that block some of his truth.
For sin and the desire to sin cannot grow and flourish if exposed to light and its byproduct..the heat of love. 

For sin is like a dark dangerous mold that must have cool, damp, dark locations to hide and grow. 

So when we filter his light and his heat of true love we allow the mold of sin to develop and false love of things and people to flourish.

May we all who seek the light realize if we unconsciously filter his light by our internal mental filters instead of seeing his true light and allowing it to fully absorb into us, that we also disconnect ourselves from him.
We must come to him with no obstacles between him and us, we must drop all our false ideas and beliefs. We must drop the false ideas society has tried to implant within our minds. We must take away all filters we have if we are ever to really know who he really is and to have a real connection with him that really changes us and the world around us. 

We are to really know his light so that we may reflect it to others so that they may see it and become one with it as we have become one with it.
For the light desires nothing more than to become one with all that it loves and that all that it loves will love him back. 

That all will embrace the one that embraces them. 

Ricky Rodriguez 


Postmodern Thinking

The other day I heard a sermon by Michael Youssef and he hit it right on target.

He was talking about how postmodern thinking (liberalism) has successfully watered down Gods word and his absolute truth in our society in favor of humanism and its word and its truth.

He talked about how this type of thinking has flowed into all areas of our lives from the teachers of elementary schools to university schools, from court judges to jurors and even in the liberal churches that have sprung up to meet societies new belief system.

I thought this movement had started in the 60s as the hippies shifted their thinking to be more liberal and in turn passed it on to their children and in turn they passed it on to their children but he explained how it all started in the 20s.

He explained that now in our society, they do or believe in what they feel is right instead of what God says is right.

It all comes down to this : Your respect (and love) for God can be measured by your respect (and love) for his word.~ Michael Youssef

You have to respect his word, not your word or societies word.
And his truth must be above what you feel should be truth. You have to put his version of truth above yours or you have no respect and love for him.

This makes sense because if you don’t put his word first then you don’t belong to him anyway. So why would you respect or love him if you don’t belong to him..right?

If you don’t belong to him you have no desire to be with him right?

Deep stuff man!

Rick Rodriguez

You Say, “I’m A Christian.”

You say to yourself… “I’m a Christian. A believer in God.”
Well, every one says that!

But goes Christ live in you?
You say yes?

But how can you say you are with Christ and he is in you if you are not constantly being Christ like?

And if you are not Christ like then you are not into Christ.

And if you are not into Christ then he is not into you (in you).

And if he is not in you then you are not a child of God.

And if you are not a child of God then he does not know you (from the heart) for he only knows his own children.

And if he does not know you then you certainly don’t know him (from the heart).

And if you do not know him then you are not his child but someone else.

For your actions will determine who’s child you really are.

Are you a child of the light or the dark?

Here is an easy test to take:
With a child of the light all sin and unholy acts burn their conscience. They can’t stand to go against God.

With a child of the dark some sins and unholy acts may have no affect on conscience. And if there is some conscience left it is quickly rationalize as a false feeling for they think those in the light have misinterpreted Gods word.

These are the two differences.

It’s that closed!!

Rick Rodriguez