Postmodern Thinking

The other day I heard a sermon by Michael Youssef and he hit it right on target.

He was talking about how postmodern thinking (liberalism) has successfully watered down Gods word and his absolute truth in our society in favor of humanism and its word and its truth.

He talked about how this type of thinking has flowed into all areas of our lives from the teachers of elementary schools to university schools, from court judges to jurors and even in the liberal churches that have sprung up to meet societies new belief system.

I thought this movement had started in the 60s as the hippies shifted their thinking to be more liberal and in turn passed it on to their children and in turn they passed it on to their children but he explained how it all started in the 20s.

He explained that now in our society, they do or believe in what they feel is right instead of what God says is right.

It all comes down to this : Your respect (and love) for God can be measured by your respect (and love) for his word.~ Michael Youssef

You have to respect his word, not your word or societies word.
And his truth must be above what you feel should be truth. You have to put his version of truth above yours or you have no respect and love for him.

This makes sense because if you don’t put his word first then you don’t belong to him anyway. So why would you respect or love him if you don’t belong to him..right?

If you don’t belong to him you have no desire to be with him right?

Deep stuff man!

Rick Rodriguez


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