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Slaves Follow Rules


So the other day a coworker was terminated from his duties. Why? Because he did not follow the masters instructions, he did not follow the rules.

He was taken to the back fields and was not heard from again.

He had failed to understand that as a slave, he was required to follow the masters rules.

He had made an financial exchange, a contract that he would sell himself over to the master and give up his rights for a certain amount of time based on payment he would receive for such transaction.

Once he signed himself away he was to do as the master told him to do in that time frame.

We who sign ourselves away to slavery must follow our masters commands if we are expected to be prosperous and supported by the master for our needs.

If the master or a head slave working for the master gives a command like be here at such time to perform your duties and tells you if you haven’t arrived for your duties and its past five minutes then he will terminate you as his slave then you better do as he says and be there on time.

If he says for being one second late he will terminate you as a slave then you better be there early just to make sure your not late.

If he says if your late you need to wear a shirt that says loser and hop around on one foot for 30 seconds then you do it. For you are his slave and if he wants to play silly games then do it.

Remember you are his slave so you do as you are told.

I work for my masters with the best effort I can give most of the time because I know when I work for my master I please God because I really work for God.

Many slaves have no issues with their masters. Many have a wonderful life’s being a slave.

Those who can not keep the masters rules or do not like having a master have other options.

They can make themselves free. They can run to states that will give them their freedom but it’s a very difficult and dangerous journey. It all depends on how bad you want your freedom.

Word of advice for those who seek freedom, do as I do. Work hard for your master but always study the land and keep looking for and working for an opportunity.

When the opportunity comes, run and run as fast as you can. Don’t look back. Go for freedom because if your desire for freedom was that strong enough to make you run even with its dangers then you must push hard to continue the journey and run until you are free.

For you are one of those rare ones who will not be happy until you escape because God has planted within you a seed of freedom.

Rick Rodriguez