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Unknown Technology?

If there is technology that comes from an unknown source other than the natural process of our reality, our world and a select few with this knowledge are hiding it from the rest of us then this would have to be one of the biggest crimes against humanity and it would be for the oldest reason known to man.

It would be to control and gain power against the majority.

If there is truth that those in the know trickle down this technology to us as to not shock the system then I ask who gives them the right to make that decision and what to trickle down?

That is like throwing crumbs to us under the table after they eat. This does humanity no good and is in itself another crime against humanity.

Who do they serve?
It is either humanity to build up or those with self interest who seek to bring humanity down.

They make the criminal decisions against us and as aways with any crime they will have to answer for it one day.

If this is truly the case that they do indeed possess a higher technology than is known to the world then there are no countries or one country but a one world global elite system.

Truly this would be a one world order within the fabric of our reality hiding among us.

Slowly those truly in power would have to covert our illusion of being ruled by these false governments to being ruled by them.

The only way to do this is to cause a global catastrophe in which the illusionary governments would fail. Then and only then can they introduce the true reality that they control the world, and the chairman of their round table will assume authority and declare that he speaks for us all.

This is the outcome if those hiding the truth continue to hide the truth and we don’t break their cycle of being the self declared protectors of secret, classified knowledge.

Rick Rodriguez


Lost In The Metal Box

Standing in the metal box half asleep in a daze. Oh why am I here? It’s too early!

Then my body feels a slight shift. The elevator stops and the door opens. With anticipation I look out to see if perhaps something will be different but it’s not. I have been delivered to a reality I find hard to accept. Surely this can not be my floor.

There has to be some mistake. I look at the number on the side. Yes, with great disappointment I discover that this is my stop. In anguish I step off.

Oh there has to be some other way. How long can I keep coming to the same floor doing the same things over and over?
Will it be a year, five years, ten years? Will anything ever change or will I die never knowing anything different?

Am I not already dead?

And so I open the door ahead and begin my day.
Soon I will be too busy to dream. Soon I will be nothing but a human machine lifting and pulling and doing what needs to be done.

Soon, as always I will be exhausted at the end of the day looking forward to the twilight hours when I get up to go to work to ride that elevator half asleep only to be disappointed again when that door opens up.

Rick Rodriguez

Hate Being Human

I hate being human.
Sometimes it just too hard to control my emotions.

Whatever it is, be it anger, fear, or frustration, sometimes it’s just hard to turn off.

It reminds me of a leak in a pressure line. You have to go looking for the turn off value to shut it off. Then when you turn the valve naturally it’s going to be hard to shut off.

I can be a great Christian then something will happen and my emotions will get the best of me. Why? Because I was not tuned into God in that moment so my emotions took over.

I know what I am suppose to do but I too at times fail. I hate failing but that is part of being human. It’s something I do not like but it’s a learning process. It is what it is.

Rick Rodriguez