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Doors In Life

Beware of the doors you open in life. They can be so fascinating and appealing to the senses but what is behind the door could be something you never want to experience.

There are some doors we in Christ are never meant to open.
Because once opened we may never be able to close it back up and what is even more of a concern is what comes out of the door may never go back in.

We have to exercise extreme caution because the doors we open can take us closer to God or further away from him or worst case scenario make us totally lost without him because we have abandoned him in favor of what is behind the door.

And even if we are strong enough to maintain our walk with him, what comes out from behind the door can torment us for the rest of our lives.

So beware of the doors you open for the decisions you make in life can be irreversible.

Christ speaks to our hearts. He tells us which door to open and which one to keep close.

We must listen to him by what he says in our hearts and in his word.
Don’t let the appearance of the doors fool you into opening them to see what is inside.

Choose wisely each door you open in life.

Rick Rodriguez


False Communities

There are places in this world, many places where darkness is welcomed with open loving arms.

It’s very appealing to my flesh for my flesh seeks a comfortable place to be accepted and to express itself.

These places make it so easy. They have have built entire communities that cater to the flesh, even false churches that the flesh can feel comfortable in.
In these places, It makes it so easy for the flesh to focus on itself so that all its desires can be satisfied.

But I’m not blind. I see where this is going. It’s not communities based on God but based on flesh. It’s all about self which is the opposite of being one with God.

Then I’ve seen the so called communities based on God. They are supposedly focused in Spirit not flesh. It’s suppose to be all about God.
But I still see a problem with these communities as well.

They on the surface seem spiritual but beneath the surface they closely resemble those communities that focus on flesh.

For many in spirit are still so focused on self. It’s still about having a great time in the secular world.

They still drink, still party, still go to the concerts and mingle with those of the flesh not to spread the Good News but to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh with them.

But I can’t be too harsh on them because I find myself too still struggling to keep from satisfying the flesh in those times when I think more about me than God.

This truly is a confusing world.

If it were not for the piece of light that still lives within me, I would have already joined the dark communities.

Oh Lord, continue to help me fight the flesh because if it ever wins then I lose because I would have lost you.

Rick Rodriguez

Drunk On Sexuality

Being so focused on satisfying your sexual desires is being drunk on sexuality. It affects your decisions.

It’s like sailing around the world by yourself in a sail boat.
You have your course set. You have your sail open and you are allowing his winds guide you to your destination. You have your compass to go by and the stars to verify your path.

If you get wasted on a bottle of strong whiskey called sexuality then you quickly lose focus and balance.

You no longer can not control the sails. You can no longer read the compass let alone see the stars.

You can barely walk and are at great risk of falling overboard.
In this condition you are lost and will always be lost until you can sober up and come back to your senses.

Then you will be able to again focus on your journey and to do what is necessary to get your sail boat to get you to your destination.

You will see that it is easy to allow his spirit to blow his wind of purpose into your sails when you are in tuned with your sailboat to acquire as much of him to make it happen.

It’s all about being a good captain of your ship for the bad ones are lost and will possibly die out at sea never making it home.

Rick Rodriguez

Spiritual Inheritance

The wealthy who are spoiled and materialistic can create children who are spoiled and materialistic.

Those that are cocky and egotistical can create children who are cocky and egotistical.

The inheritance we give our children can have damaging consequences.

If we don’t first teach them Christ then what do we want them to learn in place of Christ?

Whatever it is it sets them up to failure in the long run if it’s not Christ.

Not failure judged by men but by God.

For in the eyes of men our children not in Christ may seem happy and wealthy, every thing going their way but if God is not part of the equation it will be all for nothing.

They will never be satisfied. They will always hunger for something and they will not know what it is that they hunger for.

We need to watch what the inheritance we give them.

Will it bring them success in this world or success in Gods world.

One is very important to achieve and the other is empty.

It will be their upbringing that will help them decide the answer to this question as to what definition of success they really want us to offer them.

Rick Rodriguez

Focus On True Reality

You can show others truth but if others refuse to believe it or try their best to avoid it then truth has little value.
For the reality they know and understand is but the tip of the iceberg of true reality.

Only the select few know more than the many but not by their choice.

Oh how they seek that others would know truth but the minds that do not know it cannot understand it.

They that do not understand would be more comfortable knowing a reality that they can accept so they live the illusion, thereby denying truth.

In doing so they save their sanity for many can not handle the truth.

As for me, I’ll stay in my own understanding of truth for I too seek comfort and peace more than knowledge of what would destroy that comfort and peace.

But after all I already have truth for all the truth I will ever need is only in him.
That is absolute truth.

His reality is all I seek because that is only true reality.

Let me think only about him and his holiness and not the deception of the fallen ones who create the illusions of this world, the false realities of darkness.

Colossians 3:1 Therefore, if you have been raised with the Messiah, keep focusing on the things that are above, where the Messiah is seated at the right hand of God.(not things below where the deceiver plays his games)
Hebrews 3:1 Therefore, holy brothers, partners in a heavenly calling, keep your focus on Jesus, the apostle and high priest of our confession.

Rick Rodriguez

Hard To Walk In Christ

I am amazed how some people can be so Christian then in a snap they can lose their Christ like ways and be just like the rest of the world.

I’m just as guilty of this act.
The other day a car flipped me off. They were backing up and I did not see them backing up. They almost hit me. I thought it was their fault for not seeing me but I’m sure they thought it was my fault for not stopping to let them back up.

So to give me the message of their dissatisfaction of what had happened, be it my fault or not, they flipped me off.
As a Christian I would like to say I handled it the way a Christian should but I did not.

My first response was anger. I even gave them a mean look. This is totally not Christ like.
If I was really in Christ I would not have gotten angry. Their response would have not carried any negative weight.
As a matter of fact if I had been in Christ at that time then my first reaction should have been sadness.

Sadness for this misunderstanding.
Sadness that they found me guilty.
Sadness that they responded in such a way.
Sadness for their hearts for only a heart not connected to Christ could have allowed them to respond like that.

But then again the response I had with them showed that I too at that time was not connected to Christ.
I can not point the finger at them if I too am not like Christ.

When you look at it closely it’s all about egos
Their ego was affected because they perceive I did a negative action against them.
My ego was affected because I perceive a negative action against against me.
If my identity had truly been in Christ then I would have had no ego.

If I had not had an ego there would have been nothing they could do to affect me.
You can’t hurt an ego if there is none there to hurt.

This only showed me how far from God I can be at times.
This showed me that I still have much work within me to be more Christ like.
Sometimes it’s hard to be Christ like but it all depends on how bad you want to be Christ like and truthfully how much you love him.

Rick Rodriguez

I Play In The Sewer

I am in the sewer just like everyone else. I play in it like everyone else.

We all walk in it every day. There is no escaping it for it is a failure of our humanity, our sin nature that keeps all of us there in that place full of scum all over ourselves.

What makes me different is that I accept the water from the one above who cleans us from the worlds filth.
He washes me clean daily. All I have to do is accept his wash.

Now my feet will never get cleaned for I always have to walk in this evil world. At least the rest of my body should be clean and pure.

Not until I finally leave this world and its filth will I be completely clean.

On that day God will lift me up from this world and I will be cleaned by his living waters and then I will be pure all over!

Rick Rodriguez