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Unknown Technology?

If there is technology that comes from an unknown source other than the natural process of our reality, our world and a select few with this knowledge are hiding it from the rest of us then this would have to be one of the biggest crimes against humanity and it would be for the oldest reason known to man.

It would be to control and gain power against the majority.

If there is truth that those in the know trickle down this technology to us as to not shock the system then I ask who gives them the right to make that decision and what to trickle down?

That is like throwing crumbs to us under the table after they eat. This does humanity no good and is in itself another crime against humanity.

Who do they serve?
It is either humanity to build up or those with self interest who seek to bring humanity down.

They make the criminal decisions against us and as aways with any crime they will have to answer for it one day.

If this is truly the case that they do indeed possess a higher technology than is known to the world then there are no countries or one country but a one world global elite system.

Truly this would be a one world order within the fabric of our reality hiding among us.

Slowly those truly in power would have to covert our illusion of being ruled by these false governments to being ruled by them.

The only way to do this is to cause a global catastrophe in which the illusionary governments would fail. Then and only then can they introduce the true reality that they control the world, and the chairman of their round table will assume authority and declare that he speaks for us all.

This is the outcome if those hiding the truth continue to hide the truth and we don’t break their cycle of being the self declared protectors of secret, classified knowledge.

Rick Rodriguez


Deliver Me

O Lord, sometimes I get so tired of being an Israelite slave working all the time for Pharaoh as he builds his temples.

At times I gets so tired and bored. It seems so meaningless and hopeless. At times I lose my will to continue.
But I must have strength and not complain. 
I must continue to have faith that one day you will send my own personal Moses to deliver me from this slavery. 

I have no doubt that you will deliver me if not in this world, then in the next.
I must believe that you did not just send me here to be a slave but to make a difference.

But then again it’s not about me.
O Lord, I do my work but deep inside I feel like I do not belong, like I’m wasting my time. I feel like I need to do your work but what that is I do not know?

O Lord, deliver me to a position in life so that I can do your will because right now I am not and because I am not it’s tearing my spirit down piece by piece.
Rick Rodriguez

Working For Masters

I hate working for masters that do things the ignorant way,
That’s exactly what happened today.
They do ignorant judgement calls but there is nothing I can say. 
I have to pretend everything is OK. 

So come what may,
I am forced to do these ignorant things, their way. 

Rick Rodriguez 

Management Styles

Socialist management: No employee input, red tape, out of touch, stagnation, ineffective, failure.

Democratic management: employee input, streamlined, in touch, progress, effective, success!

One supports the employee while the other goes against the employee making their job more difficult with each hurdle they make the employee do. 

Sad thing is the management team that goes against the employee most of the time is so out of touch that they have no idea that they are the main obstacle to their employees production.

Instead the management team that is against the employee will point fingers at the ones it seeks to give the blame for their own failures instead of seeking solutions. 

Unfortunately success for the management team that goes against the employee will not come until they begin to support the employee. 

It’s the successful management teams that look at employees as assets fighting to keep them instead of looking at them as liabilities easily letting them go.
For most of us, Socialistic dictatorships are the main structure in power for most of America that goes to work each morning.

For a country that believes in freedom of its citizens but allows the corporate world to run its employee affairs like a socialistic dictatorship is a strange condition indeed. 

So am I asking for more legal rights for the employee or perhaps a mandatory union? 

The answer is so much more simpler than that. 

All the employee really ever wants in the end is just to be treated with kindness and respect and to let them do their work. They need less management not more management. Well, At least the good employees need less management.

Let the hard working employees get the good treatment and respect they deserve. Leave them alone!

The problem here is that of course with issues involving treatment and respect it all comes down to the condition of the heart.
Since we are dealing with man and his fallen condition this will explain why most work places are socialistic in nature. Also it explains why most will never change.

So if you have a job with a great management team then consider yourself lucky.
If you don’t, tough luck!

Deal with it or put yourself in a position to never have to deal with management. 
For its all just a game being played. Your play by their rules or you change the rules and play your own game. 

Rick Rodriguez 


Just One More Hit

*Just One More Hit

At times when I’m down and feeling defeated I look at that needle sitting on my dresser and think…OK, just one small hit. That’s all I need to feel better.

Just a small one is all I need but then I think … no, it’s not worth it. I know what will happen if I take that hit. I will become hooked yet again to the temporary escape from my pain and end up at a place I don’t want to be.

I’ve been there many times. I don’t want to go there again. It’s not worth it. So slowly I put the unused needle down and walk away.

Of course the needle illustration is just symbolism for my particular method I use to escape reality.

We all have a method, maybe several and many go against Gods will.

Which needle do you reach for when you need an escape?

An Affair?
Soft music?
Flirting online?

It’s so easy to reach over and take that hit but for those that use a method that goes against Gods will it’s not worth it. It will ultimately eat you up and destroy you and your love ones.

Sometimes it’s better to deal with a pain, struggle, or a feeling up front instead of trying to temporarily forget about it.

Anyway the temporary escape is just for a little while but the damage from the escape could last a lifetime.

Rick Rodriguez

Facebook Break

I was getting tired of Facebook:

Ready to take my planned break. Too much arguing, debating, politics and negative energy for me. Its trying to pull me in.

Need to step back and disconnect from the world for a little bit and refocus on my goals. Need to avoid news on TV and social media to recover. Back in a few days, weeks, months or years.