​ Knowing Identity

For those normal people, when someone talks about you or makes fun of you, the normal response is that you get mad. You want to say something to them.
This is a normal response for those outside of Christ.
For their identity is based on what others think of them.

But for those normal people who are tapped into the supernatural power of Christ, those with Christ, the normal response should be no response for their verbal actions against you have no weight.

For your identity is not based on what others think but on what Christ thinks about you.

Let the fools say what they want.
You know your standing with Christ.

Lift your head up high for Christ is on your side.
For he will see your strength in him and he is GLORIFIED!

Rick Rodriguez


You Are A Christian?

Why is it that many of us Christians, followers of Christ, children of the God most high, are honestly so pathetic in our walk with him?

We are constantly angry, constantly screaming, full of jealousy, being hateful to others, so negative, not giving, not willing to forgive, not respectful to authority, so self centered (what can they do for me) and on and on.

Sadly, some in the secular world display more Christ like qualities than many of his own followers.

How can we change the world in the name of Christ when we can’t even change ourselves?

And if we can not change ourselves then do we truly know his power to change? Do we truly know his light?

And if we do not know the true power of his light then there is no way we could ever change ourselves let alone change the world through him.
For it is him that will change us and change the world as he flows through us into the outside world.

For we are to not just focus on going to heaven but bringing heaven down to earth so that others might see it.

But honestly what the outside world sees in is is something that unfortunately may not appeal to them because of the false way we display our walk with Christ.
Sure, we as Christians mess up every now and then, for we are not perfect. But to constantly not reflect his light, his character outward to the world is a serious issue for those that should be as he is.

If we are not like him in a regular constant flow to the world and getting more like him as the days go on then we have to begin to question if we actually know Christ not as an outsider but as an insider. Are we truly a follower of Christ, not just an obsessive fan?

Are we really one with him? Are we really one of his children?
We can talk about Christ all we want and post those nice “I’m For Christ” post but if we don’t live it, display it, reflect it then who are we trying to kid, ourselves?

For the world sees us and knows a phony when they see one.
And of course we ain’t fooling God, that’s for sure!

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just a maturity issue with us Christians.
We will still be like the world until we figure out how Christ can change us, then let him change us, then we can change the world by how we are living in him, how he is living in us.

Let us all in Christ grow up in him as best we can.
And if you think I’m pointing my judgment finger at others, well I’m just speaking truth to others as well as myself for I am just as guilty of not living fully in him, as well as everyone else.

We can all improve our connection to him and we can all improve being Christ like.

It’s a life long plan. Some will do great while others simply will not get it.

Oh lord, let me see the error of my ways. Let me truly get it. Let me get you and only you!


Rick Rodriguez

The Trance Of Sexual Sin

As the bible says, sexual sin is a very dangerous sin.
It involves intense desires and emotions that can put those, who allow themselves, to be controlled by it.

They enter into a trance like state in which their desires temporary clouds up the part of the brain that controls their ability to use common sense.
Once the mental program of common sense has been temporarily stopped then the mental programs that control sexual desires are free to be fully activated.
It is in this state of mind that many people get into serious trouble, into sexual sin.

We see this happen all the time like in cases where priest and teachers go into that trance like state. Then they go places they should have never gone, places their common sense would not have allowed them to go.

This can happen to husbands and wives so easily too.
They normally would have never gone this far but that sexual trace made it so much easier for them to go in that direction.

Sexual sin is like a flood of desires that sweeps you away to total destruction.
No one is immune from such a flood.

We must always be aware of our sexual levels and if they are within Gods circle of holiness or not. We must always be ready to run to higher ground if needed.
If the sexual waters begin to rise and flow and it is not Godly waters then we must be ready to run as fast as we can to safely.

Higher ground is always the answer because the sexual flood of destruction can never reach you if you are higher in Christ then in the dark lowlands of sexual sin.

Let us all always be alert for the waters of sexual desires and be ready to run away to higher ground, that is if we value the presence of God in our life more than our sin.

We must value the light of truth more than the dark one who loves sexual sin.
If you value darkness more that God then disregard this message for your sexual sin has already hooked you into its snare where you can no longer think in terms of common sense.

You are already in that trance like state.
If you do not run immediately from that sexual sin, you are going to fail big time.

But of course if your not with God then you could care less, right?
For those in God, fight for what is right in Gods sight, that they will know what is right.

And in doing so, give him intense delight that we might have spiritual might to fight for what was right.

Rick Rodriguez

Are They Close To Him?

So many people think that they are moving toward the light,
thinking everything is alright,
thinking that they have him in sight.
But truth be told, they are not right.
For darkness comes disguised as the light,
filling those confused with false delight.
Oh, but they are not right.
They are so far from the path of light.
For they move into the realm of darkness without even giving a fight.
Why? Because they think they are right,
that they are tight with the light.
But all they do is bite the false lies of darkness, how petty and tright.
Maybe one day they will see the holy light, and again, be right in his sight.

Rick Rodriguez

Christians Hate?

Strange how Christians on the left hate President Trump and when President Obama was president those Christians in the right hated him.

So Trump goes against the Christian views of the left and Obama went against the Christian view of the right.

And so year after year there is hatred in the land no matter who is in office. The hate just swings back and forth from one side to the other.

Somehow Christians and hatred should not be part of the same sentence but yet they still are.

Should they not be praying for any president in office that God might guide them and protect them?

I think many Christians fail to be fully like Christ because they get too caught up, get too emotional on the things of this world.

Also they fall for the lie that presidents are against each other when really they are part of the same team.

They fall for the lie that presidents really are looking out for their best interest instead of the wealthy elite.

They also believe the hype of the media that causes chaos.
They are not aware of the elitist who control the media and the policy of our country by the extreme power of their money.

For they want the citizens of the land to be fools and play the political games so that they might be misled, misguided and easily controlled.
As followers of Christ we should not be involved in hatred but also be aware of the illusions of the world and not be too focused on them.

Our main focus should always be Christ as well as the agenda of Christ.
Many Christians have become too much like the natives of the land and have forgotten that they are just visitors with a mission for Christ to save the lost, not a mission for self to assimilate to and be like the world.

Let us not forget why we are really here. We are not to join in on the complaining of the injustice of the world as much as we are to reflect his love and light.

For its all about him, not about us.

Rick Rodriguez

​ Avoid Darkness In The Mind

I’m always telling my girls to try and not allow themselves to be in a place of darkness mentally, a place of depression, despair, anger, fear, anxiety, frustration and hopeless.

Sometimes in this crazy world we live in, we in our weak moments just can’t help it at times so we slip into those dark places. Sometimes it’s just a natural part of life to into those dark places.

Well, really it’s not natural if our identity is completely in Christ. But since most of us (including myself) don’t walk in such a powerful connection with him, then we have made it a natural process. That’s another subject for another time.
But in regards to going into a dark place mentally,
we have to do our best to realize when we are in these places and to get out as fast as we can.

For its the evil ones desire that we mentally stay in these places that we might begin to manifest the characteristics of who he is.
See, these characteristics belong to Satan. He knows his time is near and he knows he has no hope. He can only get off on enjoying making others, especially Gods children think like him.

He knows if they think like him then they separate themselves from God.
If they can become separated then he can then step in and take them further down the rabbit hole that leads to hell.

Please be human, do and react as you wish but if it takes you to a dark place in your mind then get out of that place as fast as you can before it pulls you in and destroys you.

Meditate on him not on the absence of him.

Rick Rodriguez

Evil World, Fear Not

I heard this song today from JJ Heller
Called, “Braver Still.”

The lyrics to a part of the song goes..
“The world is just as scary as I thought it was,
But Your love makes me braver still,
Your love makes me braver still.”

Oh, how true that is.
The world is just as scary as I thought and truthfully even more scarier that I though.

As a matter of fact, it’s scarier than I could have ever imagine.
The evil is everywhere and spreading. You can see it everywhere you go.
It’s not just the places you think it’s at. It’s not just those places of terrorist control or lands run by dictatorships, it’s in the places where there is freedom.

It’s even here in America and it’s alive and well. It flows in the streets and our places of worship and at work.

It’s in the hearts of some of your family and friends.
But truthfully, the seeds of evil are even in our own hearts waiting to grow if we feed it.

But despite the evil that is spreading in this world all around us, we grow braver by really knowing his love.

We get hope and strength in him knowing that despite what happens in this evil world, we are not really part of this sick reality.

This world might make us sick or even kill us but that experience will be but a few minutes of pain compared to an eternity of pure joy. It’s just a temporary pain for us.

I say as Christians, we got the best deal because of Christ.

Those of this world and not a child of God have no such deal.

Their reality is only now in this world of darkness. When they are gone then that is it. They are forever gone. Such a waste of a precious life.

Yes, this world might be more evil than we could ever imagine but Gods kingdom will be so much more wonderful than we could ever imagine to his children.

For me, a child of Christ, that is what makes me braver still, knowing that he is there, whatever happens he is there and will always be there, for me and for you too if you choose Christ, not just with words but with your heart.

Rick Rodriguez