I Play In The Sewer

I am in the sewer just like everyone else. I play in it like everyone else.

We all walk in it every day. There is no escaping it for it is a failure of our humanity, our sin nature that keeps all of us there in that place full of scum all over ourselves.

What makes me different is that I accept the water from the one above who cleans us from the worlds filth.
He washes me clean daily. All I have to do is accept his wash.

Now my feet will never get cleaned for I always have to walk in this evil world. At least the rest of my body should be clean and pure.

Not until I finally leave this world and its filth will I be completely clean.

On that day God will lift me up from this world and I will be cleaned by his living waters and then I will be pure all over!

Rick Rodriguez


Sometimes I Get Tired

*Sometimes I just get tired of this world.

I get out of bed, only to desire to go back in bed, pull the covers over me and sleep hoping that this reality would disappear.

Yes, the world is such an evil dark cold place.
It gets old walking in the worlds dark sky’s with cold hearted temperatures outside.
It it seems to be getting darker and colder with every minute that passes.
It seems as though darkness will win.
At times you just want to hide in your bed and wait for God.

Then I hear God speak to my heart.
He says that darkness can only temporary eclipse light but that is only because the light allows it. The light is set into a planned rhythm and soon will reappear with all it glory and the darkness will be forever gone. For light can never lose against the dark.

God showed me a solar eclipse and explained that darkness is a lot like the moon.
It is so small and worthless compared to the size of the sun but because of its position around the world it has the ability at times to block the suns light.

And in the right conditions for darkness it actually does it by the planned cycles but it’s only temporary for the sun will soon shine again as his own son will soon shine again.

He said to be of good cheer for soon I will get to witness his light come out of darkness and it will be the most glorious event man will ever see.

The he told me…Sadly this will be the last thing many will see before they are pushed away from the light for their existence is impossible to be in the presence of light.
For how can a piece of dirty ice last on the surface of the sun?

But for those that have made the choice to choose him, oh how this glorious light will only be the beginning of the experience in him. For his light will absorb them not vaporize them.

For he has great things in store for his children that will by far outshine what they will first see. His holiness will glory him and his children will really get to see the majesty of his glory.

For Gods glory to be revealed will make light as we know it seem meaningless.
For God will define light in holiness through us and with us.

So let the dark come and let us laugh at its childish attempt to block Gods glory.
Only by man’s perception is it possible but in Gods reality it can never be and never will be because it never was.

Rejoice, For Gods light comes and nothing in all of creation can ever hope or ever have a chance to ever stop it.
Rejoice, God is holy to his infinite glory!!!

Rick Rodriguez

The Drinking Concept

*The Drinking Concept To Our Children

Teaching your kids the concept of drinking alcohol by what you show them is like giving them the key to a door that could lead to self destruction.

For the dark one many times uses the influence of alcohol to influence and destroy lives. It opens up a doorway that connects those outside of his realm to his dark world so that they can become one with his darkness.
What a terrible gift some of us parents give to our children.

I pray that I have not shown my children too much of this dark concept. I pray that they do not turn this concept into their reality when they get old enough to do so.

At least I am proud that now alcohol is a very rare thing in my house. Most of the time it was shown to them as an addition to a meal…like wine.

I have never shown them to drink strictly to get pleasure in the drink itself for that teaches them to become dependent on a drug for pleasure.

Still I worry that I have shown them more than they needed to see for even just rare consumption of alcohol can be the beginning steps to a more dangerous world.

I haven’t consumed alcohol in maybe a year for I no longer see the need and most importantly, I am more convicted more then ever lately to show I children what is the right thing to do. I just hope it’s not too late.

Rick Rodriguez

A family that drinks together stays together…yeah that’s what’s Satan’s counting on.

I Hate Being Human

I Hate Being Human.

I hate having to fight my flesh daily as it struggles, fights and curses God for it wants nothing to do with Him and his ways.

I will be so glad when I finally drop this flesh, this thorn that anchors me down.

One day I will be free of it and in the presence of God.
Then my spirit will be as it was meant to be.
Total peace and tranquility with the Holy One.

Rick Rodriguez

Seeing The Light

​God will show you his light only when you are willing to see it not with your eyes but your heart for only the heart can see his light.

Oh but still I have only seen flashes and glimpses of his light for my flesh has made his light defused and dim many times.

My flesh creates a fog around my heart to try to block out his light.

Only when I focus on him will his light burn through the fog to reveal his truth, his light, and his way!

Rick Rodriguez

Being Part Of The Light

Every morning I need to wake up and commit to being part of the light.

I need to allow it to absorb within me and to reflect it out of me.

I need to walk into his beam of holy light and absorb it like walking into the sunlight and allowing it to warm me up with his holiness inside.

Then when I am filled with him can I overflow and reflect him outward to others.

For I have no light within by my own source for he is the only true source of holy light, holy truth.

Every day start with time in his beam of holiness then you will be charged up with the Holy Spirit to meet the new day.

Rick Rodriguez

O Lord, The Guiding One

O Lord, guiding one who saves me,
Glory be to your name.

When I am lost adrift in the sea of mans filth and evil you are there
When the waves of man’s destruction and decay are trying to row me over you are there.

When the storm winds of the twisting of truth and its dark ways threatens to sink me you are there.

When the clouds of despair prevent me from using the North Star to guide me you are there.

For in those times I hang on and have faith in my compass that will always point to you.
For you are the true north.

For you are the true reference point that guides me and keeps me on course to your destiny for me.

O Lord, the guiding one who saves me,
Glory be to your name for are the true compass of my life!

Rick Rodriguez