My Farewell :(

Dear reader,

(assuming there are any readers reading my material)…lol

As I move into 2018 I have realized that I can not go on writing on this blog.
I simply do not have the time to post anymore. I have so much material but do not have the time to post it all. Simply put, I have become overwhelmed with the media of text posting.

I have hundreds of items to post but I can never get the time to post so I get very behind in my attempt to post. I just loaded over sixty drafts that have to be edited before I can publish them. I don’t even have time to look for pictures to go with the post anymore.

For 2018 and forward, I am going to put all my post in a book as well as experiment with video posting so to get the message of my walk with God out to glorify him.

If these new media paths become active then I will post it here but it could be awhile before it is all ready to go, possibly around 2019.

This farewell is not a goodbye but simply a change in my method of media to glorify God.

Take care all.

Love Rick Rodriguez


I Want To Party


Sometimes I get tired of being a Christian.
Sometimes I want to party and drink it up.
Sometimes I want to have fun that is outside of Christ.
But then it sinks in. How will this effect my walk with Christ?
Will it cause me to stop walking with him?
Of course not! I could never leave him!
I love him too much to let him go!

When I want to join the world in its pleasures, I know I’m thinking more about me not him.
It’s not about me. It’s is, was, and will always be about him.

We are to reflect his light to the world that we who walk with him can have joy in him without the aid of artificial stimulants.

The world looks at us, our behavior.
They are eager to whisper, “Look at them. I thought they were so into God but really they are into themselves. If that’s Christianity then leave me out.”
We end up turning people away from Christ not toward him.
And besides, when we do as them we tend to begin to act as them in their filthy language and lack of compassion for God doing as they do.

We give the outside world further ammunition, more reasons to laugh at God.
And it is our fault for allowing such a false image of Christ to manifest to the outside world.

We need discipline. We need to totally surrender to him. We need to be totally committed to him not us.

There is a way to have a few drinks with a friend and yet still glorify God instead of getting out of control and in doing so glorifying the the dark one instead.

And if your friends no longer invite you to their parties because your just lame in their eyes then so what.
Who needs friends like that anyway?
Remember, it’s not about you, your reputation, your degree of fun, or your own recreational time to enjoy.

It’s his reputation you reveal in your fun and in your recreational time.
For it is always about him 24/7.

So do I really want to go party and have fun, drink a few?
No, not really. Not anymore.
For I am content in my walk with him now.
For I have just talked myself out of having those silly desires of self thanks to his wisdom.

Rick Rodriguez

My Gift


God has given me the gift to be very compassionate and loving to his children.
And while that gift is still but a small plant, I know if I nourish it with his love, truth and his word then it will grow beautifully into his character.
But if I feed that gift with ungodly food, if I twist it’s purpose with mine, if I allow my self to become compassionate and loving to other things outside of God, like money, power, and the fulfillment of desire then I waste that gift he gave me.

I would have taken something beautiful and turned it into something ugly.
No, that’s not what I want. I don’t want to throw his gift into the trash.
I want his gift to me to be accepted by me so that I can in turn give that same gift to others.

For the gift he gives me is not really mine but all who seek him.
May I allow his gift to grow deep within me so that I may give it to others so that he might have it grow deep within others as well.

Rick Rodriguez

Peace Of God


To be fully absorbed in Christ is to be fully at peace even while in the act of suffering or death.
Anything less than this is to be fully in chaos even when there is peace around you.
For there is no peace outside of God.

Sure you might think your in peace now while fully engaged in yourself, your sins but your just in the calm before the next storm.

Don’t get nature’s pause confused with your peace. Another words, don’t think the nature’s pause is your pause.

For true peace does not come from your outward environment but from within.
For Gods peace is a supernatural peace given only by him to those that truly know him.

And so I asked him, “Lord, give me all your peace.”
And he said, “Give me all of you.”
((Mic dropped))🎤
What else can I say!

Rick Rodriguez

Judging The Hypocrites According To Truth


Many not in truth or into half truth will always criticize those in truth.
They always state that everyone is suffering from something. That everyone is dealing with an inner struggle. That everyone has their own personal demon that they must deal with so Christians just need to back off.

They say that Christians need to have compassion and understanding.
They get so mad at Christians so they call them hypocrites.

I see their point. And what they say is really true.
We should do less of judging by what we feel but yet proclaim truth in what God says.

We should not speak with emotion for what we believe, or speak in place of God.
We should speak on what God says, speak truth according to him, not us.
But then they will not be happy with this either for those outside of truth always live their lives outside of truth.

What drives them crazy is the fact that we are not perfect in our walk with Christ.

So we can proclaim truth but still at times fail and fall into sin.
Oh, but when a Christian fails they get so excited.
They post it and shout about it saying, “Look, I told you they are hypocrites!”
Well, what happened to the idea that we all suffer from some inner battle and to be compassionate and understanding when we fail?
Does this not also make them a hypocrite for not caring when we also fail and fall?

They might say we have double standards in how we judge others and sadly they might be right but they also have double standards as well.

I guess this is what it is to be human.
By our nature we can easily see the errors of others but have a hard time seeing our own rather one is with Christ or not.

But if we use God word as the ultimate, absolute and really understand it then it becomes easy to distinguish right from wrong and who is walking with God and who is not.

For his word reveals truth that even those who try to stay blinded can not deny.

Rick Rodriguez

False Christians?


I’m finding out that the really biggest challenge is not saving the lost, it’s keeping those who think they are already saved on the right track to him to be saved. For they do not bear fruit as evidence of their salvation.
Unfortunately, the majority of the Christians I’m coming across act so much like the secular world instead of Christ.

So now, how did Christ make a difference in their lives?
How did it change them to be more Christ like?

I know that no one is perfect in their reflection of Christ.
I know that I too have blown it a few times but to be so much like the world all the time just doesn’t seem Christ like at all because it isn’t.

If no one knows the difference between one of Christ and one of the world, well, there is something really wrong with this at the core of where Christ should be in their hearts.

It’s as if Christ is not really there.
Oh, but I know it is. It has to be. But maybe it’s at an infant stage in their lives.

But I can’t be too judgmental because at times I also act like an infant in my walk with him.

Oh lord, why do we all who follow you, not always act in a way that would convince the world that we do follow you?
Why are we so pathetic at times?

Forgive us Lord,
Forgive us!

Rick Rodriguez

Point Of Death

​As time moves on and I get closer to that point of no return, I wonder how it will be.

For as we spiral in to that point of pure darkness, oh how lonely, how painful it will be to say goodbye to all that we love.
As the light fades away to nothing and we close our eyes for the last time, oh how sad it is that when the light finally blinks out, for many it’s the end.

But for us in Christ this is not a point of no return.
For once we go through that point on the other side we will be coming out of a point of light. Coming into an indescribable, wonderful joy.
Yes, for us in Christ it is not a point of no return but a point of total transformation.

But did this transformation start when we pass away? Of course not.
The transformation started on earth as Christ was working within us when we allowed him into our hearts.

We begin to be Christ like and so we began the process of dying to self.
For many death will be a dark but for a few in the light, death will be life in the light.

So as Christians we move forward in growth not backward in decay.
Because we are going back home not willing to stay.

For we do not end our time at night but begin it in the start of a new day.
For God is the illumination, For he is the way!

Rick Rodriguez